Code Enforcement in hot water again

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
From Robert Summerfield down to the entire Code Enforcement Unit of the City of Las Vegas, lack of loyalty and ignoring the fact that they work for the City of Las Vegas and not for the governor of Nevada has become a big issue.
Planning and Code Enforcement employees, as well as any other city of Las Vegas employee, should remember that it is illegal to mix work with politics, besides the fact that they are on city time regardless of how the city charter is structured and they have to respond to someone else.
That is one of the reasons that the city codes are not enforced and they go years without checking on the buildings and hotels, like the Alpine, that had several tragedies (deaths) due to all the violations that had never been inspected.
It is time for the city employees to put on their big girl and big boy pants and start working for the people of Las Vegas who are the ones who pay their salaries.
How dare the city of Las Vegas employees, including any director or manager or anyone else behind a desk, take orders from any outsider, be it the governor or any other non-city official.
The governor did not hire them; the governor does not pay their  salaries; the governor has no authority in the city, and if, after so many years as County Commissioner, the Chairman still doesn’t know that Sahara Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard are not in the county, but within the city limits, he has a problem.
The governor has no jurisdiction within the city limits and has no control over the city employees; regardless of the titles the city likes to give to its employees, the governor should respect those elected officials by not interfering with their employees.
Why am I rambling on about city employees being in cahoots with the state governor? you may ask, and the answer is very simple according to what I learned from reading hundreds of emails and what I read in the daily newspaper.
The governor learns of a church gathering with a tendency to support our president and immediately calls his former fellow commissioners asking their help to stop the gathering.
I assume that our Nevada dictator will have told the Clark County Commission Chair to stop the gathering that could bring lots of money in campaign contributions for a man he does not like; the governor may have reminded his party allies that he is the only one who is allowed to walk into any public place, hotel or restaurant without wearing a mask and ignoring the social distancing requirement.
This series of events took place two months ago, but the issue of city employees doing the wrong things is still going on and the governor came out looking ridiculous besides showing his ineptness of the handling of his own political career.
How dare the City Planning and Code Enforcement director take orders from the governor by telling the hotel owner to stop an event in favor of our president and fine the hotel owner thousands of dollars for “disappointing” the governor?
If it is true, it is sad to see a city council member (elected by city residents to serve the city they live in) taking part in a plot to take money from the city coffers by getting involved in a vendetta against the duly-elected president of this great nation.
Maybe all those involved in this event are trying to cover up for that city council person by not giving out the name, but I can assure you all that as soon as I learn the name I will publish it all over so the people of Las Vegas learn who is the one taking money from the city coffers just to attack a political rival.
I have the feeling of who that city council person is, but because I am not one hundred percent sure I am not going to gamble my reputation, but it is not that difficult to learn the name because there are not that many Democrats on the city council.
One of them, I was told, had declined comment so there are only six left to figure out. Actually I do not see the mayor being involved in this gossiping so that brings it down to only five, and one is ready to leave due to term limits, so that leaves only four left.
Perhaps the city should be looking at who is making a city salary while working for others in the political field at the expense of the people’s money.
That is why I keep insisting on the fact that someone needs to work on changing the city charter so the city council has the control and not the city manager or even the Planning Director, working for an outside source at the city expense.
There is no reason why the city of Las Vegas does not have the control of every department and even have its own city police department like it used to have.
North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and Mesquite are even smaller cities than Las Vegas and they all have their own police department, controlled by the mayor and the city council. Why can’t Las Vegas be like them all?
Some members of our city council, besides the one with the aspiration of becoming the first Black Mayor in Las Vegas, should look into this and take action.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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