An eye for an eye, or a bullet for a bullet?

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group
The “peaceful protests” that the communists claim are happening in many Democrat cities in the nation can be stopped very easily with the help of the mainstream media when they stop instigating and stopmaking heroes out of criminal mercenaries.
Anyone that fights a political battle without ideals and only because they are getting paid by someone hidden in the shadows is classified as a mercenary.
When the media stops publicizing their criminal behavior and placing the spotlight on these mercenaries playing patriot for a few dollars, paid by some enemies of the United States, they will not be so willing to break the law as easily as they are doing it now.
Ignoring the crimes committed by the mercenaries whose only ideology is the money they get paid for committing those crimes doesn’t make them any less the puppets of those desiring to turn this nation into another socialist-communist country like Cuba or Venezuela.
They are not heroes, they are not political leaders, they are not revolutionaries; they are nothing but cowards, puppets of the left AKA the communist-enemies of democracy and the freedom that the American people now enjoy.
If anyone thinks they are going to enjoy the same freedoms under a communist administration they have a surprise coming.
If anyone thinks they are going to have the same opportunity to keep their money as they do now, they are most definitely in complete denial.
The mercenaries that have been ravaging those cities need to be dealt with in accord with their savage actions and intentions.
When they burn buildings, they should get arrested; when they do anything in those cities that hurt others, the punishment should fit the crime; we must not let them get off the hook.
Yes, while some think an eye for an eye should be equivalent to a bullet for a bullet, if we follow that line of thinking we’ll soon have a world full of blind people or dead people. While they need to get a taste of their own medicine, so to speak, let them get a taste of the consequences for their actions, and when they realize that this is no longer just a game that pays them well — and something that has no consequences — they will stop their terrorist actions that leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake.
The media needs to stop playing games with the safety of the communities by encouraging the rioting and looting that’s taking place because they’re too cowardly to accuse those mercenaries of the criminal behavior of which they’re guilty because they insist on calling those criminals “peaceful protesters,” ignoring their crimes.
Most likely the first city that speaks the truth about them and brings the iron hand of the law upon them will set the example for what they all have coming.
When the president wrote an executive order making it a mandatory ten-year prison term for destroying statues, no one else topled any statues.
When the law enforcement agencies in those cities like Portland, Kenosha, Chicago and any other city that has become a victim of those mercenary rebels start treating them like the criminals they are, they will soon see that what they are being paid is not nearly worth it compared to the punishment they’ll get for their crimes.
Then, that criminal activity needs to be brought to the attention of the public, front page, 6 o’clock news, and so on instead of hidden in shadows as though it wasn’t worth mentioning. And they need to name names.
Perhaps shining the light of day on those violence-for-hire mercenaries and especially those who hired them will shame them all into putting a stop to the useless death and destruction. Sex scandals can be forgotten far more easily than scandals involving violence — and we will find out who is behind all that destruction.

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