The political canker sore that just will not go away

Steven Silberkraus is a disgraced former GOP state assemblyman who stabbed Republicans and taxpayers in the back

By Chuck Muth

Steven Silberkraus is a disgraced former GOP state assemblyman who stabbed Republicans and taxpayers in the back

Steven Silberkraus is a disgraced former GOP state assemblyman who stabbed Republicans and taxpayers in the back when he voted for the largest tax hike in Nevada history during the 2015 Legislature.
I’m happy to say I helped defeat him in his 2016 re-election bid. And again when he tried in 2018. And again this year in the June primary when he ran for university regent instead of seeking his old assembly seat.
But the guy’s like herpes. He keeps coming back. Last week, Clark County Republican Party Chairman David Sajdak appointed Silberkraus as the party’s Interim Vice Chairman to fill a
vacancy. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel.
“I think Steven will make a great addition to the team with his Intelligence, knowledge and energy,” Sajdak wrote with a straight face in an email to members.
If tax-hiking, back-stabbing RINO (Republican in Name Only) Steven Silberkraus is the answer, somebody’s asking the wrong question.
This is another in a long and growing list of lousy decisions and poor judgment on behalf of Chairman Sajdak — the worst of which was his decision to issue a press release attacking Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michele Fiore after the party’s county convention back in June, costing her the Mayor Pro Tem position.
And don’t forget: Sajdak SUPPORTS the Democrats’ universal vote-by-mail scheme. As a former party chairman myself — a totally thankless job, by the way — I try to give party chairs the benefit of the doubt. But this guy is out of control and out of his mind.
However, the real fault lies with the party’s Central Committee members who elected him.
What the hell were you people thinking? Another Correction on Vote-by-Mail Fiasco
Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt had an excellent op-ed published in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal on all the problems with the Democrats’ re-writing of Nevada election law in the recently-concluded special session of the Legislature.
But one part needs clarification and further explanation. Mr. Laxalt wrote…
“And we also know our voter rolls are rife with inaccuracies, with 80,000 voters recently purged after their mail-in primary election ballots were deemed undeliverable by the post office because those voters no longer lived at the addresses on file — only to be added back at the secretary of state’s request.” That’s not what happened.
Yes, it’s true that 80,000 ballots were mailed out to “active” registered voters for the June 2020 primary election that were returned by the post office as undeliverable because the person no
longer lived at the address where the ballot was mailed.
However, those 80,000 weren’t “added back at the secretary of state’s request.” Here’s what really happened…
BY LAW — federal law — there’s a 90-day “blackout” period leading up to the general election where list maintenance, sometimes referred to as “purging,” is prohibited. Which means inaccuracies in the voter file cannot be cleaned up after around August 3 (90 days before the
November 3 election).
Also, again by law, you cannot automatically “purge” those 80,000 voters from “active” to “inactive” status just because their June primary ballot was returned.
Instead, by law, the local election department or county clerk — NOT the Secretary of State’s office — is required to send a SECOND postcard to the voter at the “bad” address to advise them that they have to confirm or change their address to remain an “active” voter
within 30 days.
Here’s the problem…
Clark County should have mailed out those second postcards by the end of June. For whatever reason, it didn’t. Which means the 30-day clock didn’t start ticking until they actually went in the mail sometime in July.
Which means the 30-day cut-off deadline came AFTER the start of the “blackout” period. Which means BY LAW the Secretary of State’s office was prohibited from changing the status of those 80,000 voters from “active” to “inactive.”
Again, this is required by law. It was not done at the Secretary of State’s “request.” The Secretary of State had no choice.
Now, unless those 80,000 actually vote in the November 3 election (unlikely) they will be “purged” and placed on the “inactive” list on November 4, the day after the election and when the “blackout” period ends.
It stinks, yes. But the fault lies with the Clark County Election Department, not the Secretary of State’s office. The SoS’ hands are tied since Clark County failed to mail out the second confirmation postcard in a timely fashion.
So please, let’s put the blame where it belongs.
* * * * *
Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at His views are his own.

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