Cowards attack hidden in the dark of the night

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group
When the building of the Las Vegas Tribune, located in the middle of downtown Las Vegas, was vandalized, the perpetrators hid in the dark of night.
Those “peaceful protestors” that burn buildings, break windows and commit other acts of violence under the orders and the money of George Soros do that in the middle of the night because they do not have the courage to commit those acts of violence under the bright light of the sun.
The attack on the Las Vegas Tribune’s building was in protest for the newspaper having political signs in favor of then-candidate Donald Trump as it was the newspaper’s right to do under the Constitution of the United States.
The criminals could not exercise their expression of disagreement during the daytime, but as cowards, did so in the middle of the night.
Perhaps the criminals likely assumed that the newspaper was going to be intimidated, but what a surprise they may have had when the following day there was not one but eight signs displaying the names of Trump-Pence 2016. They certainly found out what it meant to assume!
People who don’t have what men are supposed to have are the ones that use the dark of night in which to commit crimes and end up with the stigma of being cowards.
Of course, nothing less can be expected from a man who is not even an American but gets involved in American politics from another country just to impose his communist mentality on the American people using sold-out individuals under the umbrella of political parties and organizations to attack the freedom of their own country.
It might have been more tolerable, if not acceptable, if they had the manparts to commit their crime in the daytime under the light of the sun and showing their faces and pretending to be real men.
Kenosha, Wisconsin; Portland, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois; one newspaper reported that “protesters staged marches in cities around the country after a night of arrests and destruction.”
Another Midwest publication reported that “Protests rippled across U.S. cities as outrage erupted over the death of George Floyd.
Officials deployed the National Guard and President Trump called for a tougher government response, as some protests that began peacefully later included clashes, looting and destruction.”
But they all very cowardly operated at night — in the dark when they couldn’t be identified — for a few dollars, against their own city, against their own community where their wives, their children, and their families slept.
These are the people that the new Democrats are using to impose their communist mentality and to enforce their totalitarian regime.
Luckily the American people are waking up and the revolutionary tactics of the puppets of George Soros are not working as well as they may have been expected to.
But all the blame has to be placed on Donald Trump for running for president, or all the blame has to be put on all those American people who voted for him — unless no one voted for Donald Trump and he made himself the 45th president of the United States.

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