Bush not attending the GOP convention

George W. Bush, the two-term president and the only one of Donald Trump’s Republican predecessors who is still alive, is not coming.
By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group

George W. Bush, the two-term president and the only one of DonaldTrump’s Republican predecessors who is still alive, is not coming.

If the Democrats are sore losers by still not “forgiving” President Trump for winning the 2016 presidential election, some Republicans are not much behind their counterparts in the Democrat party.
At least the Democrats stick together even if in private they have their own disagreements and difference of opinion.
Many of the Democrat candidates in the 2019 election debate, after attacking each other on the stage, attended the Democratic convention last week supporting Joe Biden and his pick for Vice President.
Two furious candidates of the last election have now teamed up on the same ticket (Biden-Harris) for the general election coming this November.
Shamefully, some of the most notable Republicans have refused to support or attend the Republican Convention that is taking place this week in Charlotte, North Carolina.
But those Republicans that are playing the game of not supporting the Republican Convention cannot even be compared with the first class speakers lined up to speak.
Who cares what Paul Ryan has to say; he has even been hurting for the last two years because of his dislike for President Trump, and many have even forgotten about him.
George W. Bush, the two-term president and the only one of Donald Trump’s Republican predecessors who is still alive, is not coming.
George Bush’s wife, Laura Bush, and Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee and now a U.S. senator from Utah will not attend the convention either.
Of course, Romney’s impeachment vote against Donald Trump earlier this year might have made him persona non grata at the convention anyway.
Romney’s 2012 running mate, Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House, who never liked Donald Trump and at one time made it obvious that he would betray the president-elect, is on the list of the no-shows.
Dick Cheney, who served for eight years as George W. Bush’s vice president; his daughter, Congresswoman from Wyoming; and the House Republican Conference Chair, the third-highest position in GOP House leadership, Liz Cheney, are also on the absentee list proving to be anti-Republicans.
All those who have become anti-Trump Republicans will be proved to be unnecessary to be present; they are all a group of the past turned into RINOs (Republican in name only) and enemies of a real democracy opening the  doors of communism in the United States of America.
Among those confirmed speakers are Vice President Mike Pence, who will make his acceptance speech from Fort McHenry in Baltimore on Wednesday night; Tim Scott, the senator from South Carolina and the only Black Republican in the upper chamber; Joni Ernst, the first-term Iowa senator; House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley.
And after his staff initially told reporters that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — also in a surprisingly tight race for re-election — was skipping the RNC this year; however, they reversed course on Friday to say he would now submit a recorded address.
This anti-Trump behavior of some old-time Republicans show that the Republican Party has become a new Republican Party or the Trump Republican Party giving the nation new hope to a better future.
The Bush anarchy and anti-American Republican group open the doors to a new horizon of the Trump Republican Party, leaving the doors open to a new future not to be compared with traitors, double-crossers and sore losers.

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