“The Many Styles and Moods of Evelyn Cools” By Sandy Zimmerman


Evelyn Cools’ new EP-“Misfit Paradise” will be released Aug. 14 with five of her original songs.
Do the words Misfit Paradise mean misfits have their own paradise?

Cools: “Misfit means a lot of things but in my life it means, “Looking for people who fit with me, even if someone feels like a misfit sometimes or cultural norms, “Misfit Paradise” is about creating your own tribe around you.”

SZ: “Is it is a paradise for misfits”

Cools: “Something I have learned in the last few years, we can all create a paradise for ourselves

SZ: “You are inspired by the people you know and where you are.”

Cools: “I’m inspired by a lot of things, one is nature, and the other is human connections, the people I meet. I’ve traveled a lot and internalize the things I see.

I was born in Belgium and my parents moved us around from the time I was 1 year old.”

SZ: “It was unusual that you recorded your song in your producer’s bedroom and living room.

Cools: “We recorded the string players around to seem like more than just two people.

SZ: “One of your other songs, “Gold Woman”, is that a special woman?”

Cools: “It’s the perfect woman or the grass is greener approach. Some things are not real, it’s how they fantasize about them. One girl is with her significant other and another woman walks in and mesmerizes everyone. It doesn’t mean she will be better, just that they are fantasizing about her. People aren’t perfect, it’s the way they present themselves.”

SZ: “A person finds it difficult to live up to that standard, it’s so high.

Your songs have all different styles of music, sometimes you mixed the styles together.”

Cools: “I enjoyed listening to rock from the 60’s and 79’s and tried to create something similar to that in “Gold Woman”.

I’m beginning to understand myself more, moving to Los Angeles on my own for the first time, growing up, the lessons I’ve learned, so I am starting to understand myself more. Every song is really a part of me.

SZ: “Your song “Yosemite” was powerful, about the wonders of nature!

I liked that each song was different, they weren’t all the same type mood or same music.”

Cools: “Yes, not only the songs but the topics as well. If people listen to the five songs, you would have a representation of who I am as an artist and person.”

SZ: “Another song “Another Night” sounds romantic and the photo on the cover shows a mountain

Cools: “I wrote a love song as I am experiencing love now and it is a very special time for me.”

A live show is planned on INSTAGRAM on August 16, you can hear her singles on: https://open.spotify.com/album/5bZPb62QYWnY10rpxeeSIC



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