Metro appears to be defunded — or may be racist

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department appears to be defunded by virtue of not responding to 911 emergency calls to their call center… or… there is the possibility that their lack of response has to do with their being racist.
A young lady of Mexican descent called Metro when a homeless man pulled a knife on her when she asked him to move away from her business’s front door; it happened three weeks ago and she is still waiting for a police car to stop by; thank goodness she is not waiting for them to save her life. Since she is not Black, I guess it cannot be considered racism.
A Spanish man, a senior citizen, was also threatened with a knife and he also called the police for help, but the octogenarian is still waiting for the help he needed several days ago.
The older man was not Black either, so it cannot be categorized as racism because the police ignored his call for help; apparently only Blacks are suffering from racism.
While this all took place in the Downtown Area Command jurisdiction and in City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz’s Ward 3, two police cars were parked across the street at the 7-Eleven store without incident or any one’s life in noticeable danger.
Black Lives Matter is written everywhere and it is accepted, but when White Lives Matter is written on the streets of Las Vegas, with the help of a local television station the police want to find the perpetrators to charge them with vandalism.
When the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department excludes the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper from the quarterly meetings and from receiving its press releases, it cannot be considered discrimination because the one doing the “discrimination” is a Black civilian woman, a three-time minority, and Black Lives are the only lives that matter and the only ones that have the right to discriminate against anyone they so choose.
Reverse discrimination can no longer apply because the only people allowed to claim discrimination are Black people. The United States Postal Service on the corner of Olive Street and Mohave Avenue has only Black employees, just as the United States Postal Service on Decatur and Oakley Boulevard. The only employees seen in the place are Black.
The majority of the employees at the Welfare Department who deal with the public are Black, but no one can complain (if they ever had reason to) because that would be racism.
Back in the late seventies when Ed Brown owned the Sentinel Newspaper and he wanted to buy the competition newspaper called The Voice, it was the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune, Rolando Larraz, who loaned Brown the money needed to buy The Voice.
However, when the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune closed his Spanish Newspaper — back then the first and only Spanish newspaper in Nevada—and wanted to write a column in the Sentinel-Voice, it was Ed Brown’s son, Lee Brown, who denied Larraz the opportunity because “you are not Black.”
The owner of the Las Vegas Tribune and a Mexican American man by the name of Miguel Barrientos wanted to buy airtime at a local radio station, but the station’s General Manager, Craig Knight, told the two local businessmen that they needed to go to another radio station because “you cannot have a radio show here because you are not Black.” Ironically, it was the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune who last year donated twenty-five hours of airtime during Black Heritage Month to the Ward Five Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the month-long festivities.
When Larraz complained to a County Commissioner who is part of the radio station administration, the elected official had the audacity to brush off his friend using a very Italian phrase, “Rolando, forged about it.”
Forget about it, he was telling me, as if Blacks are the only ones allowed to discriminate and get away with it.
Have a sunny day!

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