“Devin Marie Sings Emotional Songs” by Sandy Zimmerman



Devin Marie is a singer, songwriter and musician but she wanted more and graduated from college with a degree in Media Studies and Music Production building a stronger career.
I was impressed with Devin Marie’s voice as she easily switches from one mood to another and her own interpretations of each song. One innovative addition was the clever record covers showing several versions of herself wearing different outfits each vocal accented parts of the song.

Her new song “Stronger”, a tribute to a 12 year old friend Rachel Antorino who suffered from AML Leukemia, was featured (2019) at the Dance-for-the-Cure-Virtual Dance-A-Thon which became a big event, a one-day-celebration. The public joined in by sending their videos dancing to her song “Stronger” and everyone is invited to join again, on September 19, 2020, the event will be even bigger. You can send your dancing videos to #StrongerforRachel to the Social Media.

During the event a number of major streaming services- Spotify, Tidal, I-Heart Radio, Music, Google Play, Youtube, Pandora, and Amazon Music promoted the music and Devin Marie’s song grew in popularity.

Devin Marie’s first thought was to write a sad version of her song then she realized her memories of Rachel, the child always was happy with a bright smile and dancing. Her feelings were correct, people need happy songs with the problems they are facing today. She explained, “I always deal with my emotions by writing songs.”
With her beginnings as a singer in a Christian rock/pop band and
it is difficult to believe Devin Marie had stage fright. She decided, “Do I want to give up my career or perform out of my comfort zone? It wasn’t easy, I got over my fear but it took a couple of years.”
SZ: “Devin Marie’s determination helped her win over those fears and she should let others know they too can do it.
So much is happening in Devin Marie’s life and she is only 23 years old! Dorito’s choose her for their TV commercial during the BET Awards with millions of viewers.

http://www.devinmariemusic.net , Face Book, Instagram, and other Social Media.

SZ: When I was young, every time I sang, my mother would say she had a headache! It’s strange, every time!”

Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs, documentaries, and travel specials: Beijing, the Yangtze River Cruise, and “Visiting a Kazakh Family in a Yurt along Marco Polo’s Silk Road”-China; “Castles, Wine and Trattorias” travel specials in Italy; and around the world as well as in the US: Grand Canyon North Rim National Park; an authentic real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada; and more.

With 25 years’ experience as a television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas Television, Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV Show, and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials, Syndicated Journalist- Show & Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury. For information, questions, contact Sandy Zimmerman:
(702)-515-0846. sandyzimm2003@yahoo.com Facebook@szlvtv http://www.facebook.com/szlvtv

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