Code Enforcement Gestapo keeps protecting violators

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune


It seems like the Code Enforcement Gestapo keep business license violators informed of any movement within the inside of the department.
Last week, the Las Vegas Tribune met with two members of the Code Enforcement and Business Licenses Department and those two individuals informed the newspaper of some changes among enforcement agents to see if there will be some leak among the personnel as was suggested there might be by the newspaper representative participating in the meeting.
During the meeting with the two city officials, the newspaper alerted the city that there was a serious leak among some code enforcement agents and the violators.
An unlicensed car wash operator yelled and screamed to the newspaper reporter that the city has informed him about who was filing reports about operating an unlicensed business and that yelling across the street, in Spanish, means “you are as good as dead for snitching.”
After the life of this writer had been threatened by one of the violators for opening a can of worms, we wrote in a front page article last week, “We, as a newspaper, are entitled to go after news and corruption; in fact, that was the reason that the Las Vegas Tribune was founded twenty-two years ago — to fight the political corruption and police abuse and brutality, and if operating businesses without licensing with the blessing of the code enforcement gestapo is not within the corruption status, we don’t know what is.
This situation has been going on for the last three years and no one is moving a finger to fix or correct the wrong.”
Last Friday the unlicensed mechanic approached the Las Vegas Tribune reporter and “suggested” that the 2000 Toyota Tacoma parked in front of the newspaper’s General Manager’s home should be moved from the driveway because the city “is coming to pass inspection the following day.”
The meeting took place on Thursday and on Friday he already knew that cop wannabe Lori Hageman had been replaced by another code enforcement gestapo by the name of Anthony Roger who previously was replaced by Lori Hageman.
The newspaper informed the city officials that the whole unlicensed issue started while Roger was running the “yard” on “Lilliput Lane
Correctional facility” and upon hearing that, both of the city officials kept quiet and looked at each other.
The city claims that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department does not cooperate with them and does not give any information out about cars parked on the street; well, the, how about the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles? Do they not share information with the city? What about the City of Las Vegas Parking Services over the city’s Parking Enforcement? Do they not get cooperation from any other department that could improve the business license coffer?
Checking license plates is the easiest thing to do in this city; even a newspaper reporter can do that as easy as 1, 2, 3, but nothing is worth that when an entity does not want to do their job or is covering for someone else.
The Las Vegas Tribune will continue to do its job as good and as professional as possible, and changing the charter of the Las Vegas City Hall may be our next task because a city where the janitor has more power than the city council is not a city.
Councilwoman Michele Fiore should look into this because if Buffalo, New York can have a real city charter where the Mayor and City Council run the city, it is unknown why the city council in Las Vegas cannot have the same city structure.
First there should be a police department controlled by the city mayor and the city council like there used to be when John Moran was the Chief of the Las Vegas Police Department.

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