What happened to the shooter of officer Shay Mikalonis?

Police claim that criminals have rights and we wonder if Edgar Samaniego shooting officer Shay Mikalonis is include in these rights
Police claim that criminals have rights and we wonder if Edgar Samaniego shooting officer Shay Mikalonis is include in these rights

Nothing has been heard about the juvenile delinquent that shot officer Shay Mikalonis, a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, during a protest in front of the Circus-Circus Hotel and Casino last June.
While it is no surprise that the higher-ups in Metro and the Clark County District Attorney’s Office keep their mouths shut when they are ready to do something wrong or despicable, we believe that it is very important that either one or both departments shed light on this crime.
Edgar Samaniego is an alleged juvenile delinquent that has committed many crimes in the Las Vegas area, but his ultimate macabre crime was shooting Officer Shay Mikalonis, a twenty-eight-year-young officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, who months after being shot by a punk gang member still lies prostrate in bed not able to speak or move a finger; the Metro administration keeps its mouth shut, perhaps getting ready to allow Edgar Samaniego to walk out of jail a free man.
The public is entitled to know what is going on with Edgar Samaniego and why the authorities are keeping silent, perhaps thinking that his name may be forgotten and they can just let him go without creating much publicity.
Edgar Samaniego shot an honorable member of our police force and the District Attorney and the Metro Administration should not allow politics to make that crime disappear the same way they did with the killers of Raul Moran when the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department refused to upgrade the charges of Victor Cruz to murder with a deadly weapon, and the District Attorney dismissed the case.
We believe that the entire police force should take into consideration that Officer Shay Mikalonis could possibly become a victim whose shooter goes untried and free.
The public that has been praying for Officer Shay Mikalonis is entitled to know when Samaniego will be in court, what the charges are, and if he is going to get bail.
Officer Shay Mikalonis in the meantime, lies there in silence, unable to respond to anything, while Samaniego is comfortable, supposedly at the County Detention Center; however, no one has seen him since Metro claimed he is behind bars.
This is sounding too much like what happened with Victor Cruz when the police and the prosecutors pretended that he was in jail and he was home sleeping in his own bed until his charges miraculously disappeared.
It is time for the elected officials to give the respect that constituents deserve and stop playing games with the citizens of Las Vegas.
The same is happening with Governor Steve Sisolak who placed a freeze on all evictions while the Coronavirus is in effect and all businesses were closed.
Today the Governor stopped the freeze, allowing the landlords to evict the tenants despite the fact that the unemployment checks have not been issued for those with the good intention of paying their rent.
What is it that Governor Sisolak wants? To make the state of Nevada a homeless state with everyone living under a tree? And to make the
state a ghost town with empty buildings because of all those evictions?
Why doesn’t Governor Sisolak intervene with those who are supposed to send those checks out and get those damn checks sent out to everyone so they can pay their mortgages or rent?
The tenants are not the only ones that are getting hurt here now because if the tenants don’t pay the rent the landlords cannot pay their lenders and they can lose their properties as well.
If the governor doesn’t think that this economy can have a domino effect he should not be in the position of being governor, or maybe he just didn’t choose the right people to be by his side to advise him.
The governor needs to ensure that those checks are signed, stamped, and mailed out as soon as possible if he does not want to be the governor of a state with all its citizens sleeping under the trees and on the sidewalks.
Governor Sisolak will be The Homeless Governor when his constituents take over his governor’s mansion and his homeless supporters take over the stadium to have a roof over their head; there will be no concern for a stadium without parking because without checks, the cars will be repossessed but the car lots will be overcrowded.
Mr. Governor, if you think we are joking, don’t send those unemployment checks and let’s see who is right and who is wrong.

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