Don’t we have enough homeless people in Nevada?

By Perly Viasmensky
It is well known that the situation with this coronavirus is drastic, and even with numerous people demanding the opening of all businesses and protesting against the face coverings, we need to understand that more and more people are getting infected and the picture is getting worse.
There is total lack of consideration from all those protesting about the need for using a mask, considering the fact that to so many people hygiene is like something they have never heard about before. It is the truth; I have been standing next to a total stranger, and he or she starts sniffling, like they are ready to blow their nose or sneeze, without any consideration or thought of covering their nose and mouth.
There is no doubt that this pandemic has made us be rude, because I, for one, without any hesitation, will tell the person, “Can you have the decency and consideration to cover your mouth?”
On the other hand, as much as I personally appreciate that Nevada governor Steve Sisolak is doing his best to protect the health of all Nevadans, I find myself in the position of criticizing him for his lack of control over the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), with employees doing nothing to speed up the process of unemployment benefits.
It is understandable that the people working for that department work at their own pace because after all, at the end of the week, they will
collect their paycheck, which, after all, is being paid by all of us taxpayers. Some of those people are under the erroneous impression that because they are employed by the State of Nevada, they are also paid by the state, but that is not so. We, the citizens of the state, pay those salaries.
There are people waiting for those benefits to pay rent, mortgage, electric bills (probably way past due) with the threat of having their services cut off. The self-employed who were forced to close their businesses since March are in the same boat; they will soon be forced to close their businesses for good because they have rent and business expenses to pay but their businesses are dead.
It is also well known that the rule is that people applying for unemployment benefits need to wait at least six weeks to collect their first week of benefits, but it is getting offensive that some people have already been waiting for three-and-a-half months without seeing a penny of such benefits. And with no way to communicate with anyone, you can be on the phone waiting for eight hours when the communication is cut off at 4:00 p.m., and that desperate person lost a whole day waiting, hoping, praying for someone to answer his or her call.
It is imperative that Governor Sisolak find a competent person to serve as Director of the State’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation as soon as yesterday.
At the start of the pandemic, Dr. Tiffany Tyler-Garner, who was in charge, resigned. Then, Heather Korbulic, interim director, concerned
about safety, stepped down. Then, Deputy Director Dennis Perea, also resigned.

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