Nevada Held Hostage: Top 10 things to know about the Special Session

By Chuck Muth
Part two of a series

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak Shutdown. The Ultimate Insult

OK, class. Let’s get right to it…
1.) Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak unilaterally ordered all so-called “non-essential” businesses to close on March 17, 2020, killing hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs. The St. Patrick’s Day Massacre.
2.) Gov. Sisolak did NOT layoff ANY non-essential government workers and did NOT cut any non-essential government programs or services. As such, the governor has dug the state government into a $1.2 billion budget hole.
3.) The Democrat-controlled Nevada Legislature let him get away with this without a peep of protest — not even from elected Republicans.
4.) The governor called what turned into a 12-day special session of the Legislature to approve his smoke-and-mirror plans to fill the budget gap. It included imposing one unpaid furlough day a month, a freeze on merit pay and less than 50 layoffs of government workers.
5.) As the governor was preparing his fill-the-hole plan in June, the government workers’ union, AFSCME, pumped over $250,000 into the campaign coffers of legislative Democrats.
6.) Right out of the gate, Democrats coughed up a “resolution” calling for a federal bailout to plug the hole that Gov. Sisolak and the Democrats dug. Unbelievably, every Republican in the State Assembly and all but one in the State Senate, Ira Hansen, voted for begging for a bailout.
7.) At the last minute and with no notice, Democrats introduced a bill to raise taxes on mining to fill the hole. Republicans unanimously voted against the tax hike, killing it in the Senate since Democrats needed one GOP vote to meet the required 2/3 super-majority for passage.
8.) Republican (in Name Only) Sen. Keith Pickard then changed his mind after being assured the money from the tax hike would be earmarked for “education.” He then changed his mind back again after voicing support for a $600 million tax hike on your electric bill instead of the $100 million on mining.
9.) Democrats then tossed the government employees’ union a big, fat, wet, sloppy kiss by amending Gov. Sisolak’s plan. They cut the number of furlough days from 12 to 6, restored merit pay and laid off practically zero non-essential government workers. ($250,000 goes a long way, doesn’t it?)
10.) Every Republican in the Senate and all but six Republicans in the Assembly voted for the give-back. The six Republicans who did NOT vote to reward the government employees’ union for dumping a quarter-million dollars into the Democrats’ campaign treasure chest
were: John Ellison, Jim Wheeler, Lisa Krasner, Al Kramer, Greg Hafen and Chrissy Edwards.
Democrats made this mess. They should be the ones to clean it up. Republicans are their own worst enemy. Free Cesar? Hell, No!
Democrats in the Nevada Legislature are drooling over the prospect of totally screwing over law enforcement officers in the state.
I’ve obtained a copy of proposed language for a “social justice” reform bill that’s expected to be introduced in the second special session — whenever Gov. Sisolak gets around to calling it. It’s bad.
In the meantime, if you want to see an example of what the left-wing loony-tunes want to keep on our streets and in our neighborhoods through their “social justice” reforms, go to
And if this is an issue you’d like to stay up-to-date with, sign up for my “Catch & Release” e-newsletter while you’re there.
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Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at His views are his

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