Knowing when to go along

Before Governor Steve Sisolak became the governor of the State of Nevada, when he was a Clark County Commissioner we believed we had a if not friendly, at least very amicable, relationship with him.
However, after he took the governorship in the primary two years ago and showed his socialist mentality we were not able to be on his side; we did not support his race and we did not endorse him.
We see Governor Sisolak as a man who is not on the side of the people, despite his socialist mentality, but on the side of the California transplant stadium and the casinos that we believe control him.
Nevertheless, we believe that when it comes to handling the coronavirus issue, he is trying his best to handle the situation; after all, he is a politician, not a doctor. If people want to walk around without a mask; if people want the bars open; if businesses want to seek profits over safety and allow large crowds into their establishments; and if people want to be negligent, it is up to them and the governor should leave them alone.
Instead, the governor should interfere with the casinos and tell them that it is not fair that they are lying to the employees by not telling them how many employees are infected with the coronavirus.
The governor should tell the casinos that what they are doing is not only inhumane, but even maybe illegal; hiding the truth about the danger of the situation is not the right thing to do.
There are casinos that are hiding the tragic situation from their own employees and when someone asks, they cynically tell them that “it is only media drama” and they shouldn’t pay attention to those rumors.
Despite the fact that we do not support the governor, despite the fact that we did not endorse the governor, we sympathize with him because we believe he is doing the best he can.
The governor should allow the people to go out, not to use a mask, to socialize in crowded places, but if they get infected they know they have no one to blame but themselves.
Florida and California are good examples of what we are trying to explain here; the beaches were opened and people piled on top of each other enjoying the beauty of the ocean, and now the amount of infected citizens and the deaths have bypassed the numbers that were already high.
In order to please everyone, including his casino friends, the construction businesses, the same people that voted for him and his comrades in the socialist party, he should allow everyone to do what they want and HOPE they won’t get infected. But if they do, who could they blame?
Those businesses that want to follow the governor’s instructions and suggestions will have the opportunity to restrict entrance in their businesses to those who wear masks protecting themselves, their employees and their customers from the virus.
The governor can be fair to everyone by allowing everyone to do whatever they want to do in the streets, in the parks, in the lakes, on golf courses or in any other public place while businesses can make their own restrictions and rules in their own establishments.
There are grocery stores that even offer hand sanitizers and do not allow anyone inside without a mask. It is our understanding that the same thing happens at the Regional Justice Center; no one is allowed in without a mask.
Don’t want to use the mask? That’s fine, but you would not be allowed in many establishments and you cannot complain because every establishment has its own rules. In the old days there were places that a person could not go into without a jacket; in other places they needed a tie and a jacket.
Remember in the old days it was very common to see signs such as “no shirt, no service”; other places had signs saying “no shoes, no service”; most of the time the signs were more strict, saying “no shirts, no shoes, no service,” but nowadays it is more common to see signs that read “no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service” because the mask makes others in the place feel more safe, more protected as well as protecting others.
The bottom line is that the governor should be more open, more up-to-date and allow everyone to feel free to use or not to use the now infamous mask, but when they get sick or make anyone else sick they cannot blame our socialist governor; after all, he’s just a governor, a politician, and never claimed to be a medical doctor, and certainly not God.
We do not agree with the governor, but today we do not envy him nor will we argue with him.

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