Maxwell: Madam, Monster, or “Middleman”

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested last week at her New Hampshire home and transferred to New York by the US Marshals Service
Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested last week and transferred to New York by the US Marshals Service

Accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s “friend,” Ghislaine Maxwell, was quietly transferred on Monday from New Hampshire to a Brooklyn federal prison in New York City, where she’ll await trial pending a bail hearing.
Ghislaine Maxwell needs to sleep with one eye closed and the other one wide open to avoid getting the same treatment that her friend Jeffrey Epstein got while at the same federal facility, even while she is being transferred.
Regardless of what anyone may say, we believe Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide and everyone that knew him can likely attest to it.
One of the women who is accusing Epstein and Maxwell stated during an interview on the Today Show that Maxwell is a real monster but she did not believe that while Maxwell was introducing her to many wealthy people that kept her living in a life of luxury and wealth while mingling with celebrities and royalty.
Those who are familiar with resorts and vacation areas may be aware that many of the young women that move to those places come from small towns looking to become stars in the entertainment business and dream to become show business personalities and don’t care what they have to do to be in that lifestyle.
Many of those women even have fake identifications because they are underage and many of them look underage but try real hard to look older.
The majority of these underage women brag about how much money their “friends” give them because, they say, “he’s crazy about me” and they travel with these friends to exotic places.
They may get a little “pressure” from the person who introduces them to these wealthy friends but we do not believe that they are forced in any way; they are looking out for themselves and if they are speaking out now it is because they are pushed to do so or believe it’s to their advantage to do so.
There may be some rare exceptions, but likely there is no one forcing them or pushing them to do anything they do not want to do.
Let’s face it; everyone likes money and the spotlight; they liked to be able to go home and stash the money that the generous old men gave them for their company.
In the majority of cases there likely was no forcing, no lies, and no drama; it could all be described as amicable exchange-transactions between two consenting individuals.
Maxwell, the daughter of British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell, was the former girlfriend and longtime close associate of Epstein, who law enforcement says killed himself in a Manhattan jail last August while he awaited trial on federal sex trafficking charges, but not many believe it.
Maxwell was arrested last week at her New Hampshire home and transferred to New York by the US Marshals Service on Monday to face charges that she recruited women and girls, one as young as 14, for Epstein to sexually use and/or abuse despite the fact that the great number of them already had a fake ID way before they met any of those wealthy old men willing to make them “happy and a little rich,” in their own words.
We do not believe that Maxwell, Epstein or anyone else needed to force all of those young ladies who were parading themselves by the malls and discotheques looking for wealthy men willing to make them a little richer.
It is easy to blame someone after the fact instead of taking responsibility for one’s own actions; it is easy to call someone who is facilitating the opportunity to make some money by calling them a monster, abusive, nasty, or other names rather than accepting the fact that they are the ones that are the monsters by using lonely old men and accepting their money for fake friendship and pretended love.
We do not believe that Maxwell is guilty of being a monster, while she is guilty of being a “friend” that probably never got a commission or gifts in return for the introductions.
A judge in New York has set a date for the arraignment and bail hearing for Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidante, court officials said.
The media has called Ghislaine Maxwell all kinds of names: madam, monster, pimp and who knows how many other names because with the help of the media they would make a circus out of the trial that is about nothing more than contrived love affairs and free vacations for many of those young women.
So far they all have testified that they were in their middle and late teens when they were introduced to Epstein and most likely they already had their own fake IDs, pretending to be older than what they really were.
While some may have regrets, others were happy for the opportunities.
But if honesty prevails in the courtroom, justice will be served this time around instead of creating another Epstein drama.

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