Wolfson, Prosecutors, and Metro out of control

Clark County District Attorney control by Las Vegas Metro
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson control by Las Vegas Metro

Clark County District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, an elected Democrat public servant, may be out of control believing his power is unlimited.
First, his arrogance doesn’t allow him to answer questions made by the members of the media and he ignores everyone who dares to question his reckless and unfair behavior.
Now, after federal judge Ken Dawson vacated the conviction of Jessica Williams, District Attorney Steve Wolfson is thinking of retrying the eighteen-year old case.
In 2001 a jury found Jessica Williams guilty of six counts of felony driving with a prohibited substance in her blood, part of the state’s
law on driving under the influence. She was sentenced to eighteen to forty-eight years.
She did 19 years in a Nevada prison and was freed last year. Last month Judge Ken Dawson vacated her conviction, but Clark CountyDistrict Attorney Steve Wolfson is not happy with the federal judge’s ruling and is now thinking of retrying the forty-year-old woman.
Last April Jessica Williams visited the Las Vegas Tribune office and we wrote about all the qualities the young Jessica Williams had twenty years ago when she entered the Nevada prison system and how those qualities have not changed the remorseful Williams after twenty years.
An angry and hateful Steve Wolfson, ignoring the fact that he has two young daughters that can very well see themselves in a similar position, wants to reminisce about that sad day all over again, despite the fact that a federal judge has made a ruling in the case of Jessica Williams.
Yet more recently, Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head by Victor Cruz and after Moran died, Wolfson’s office refused to upgrade the charges to murder, despite the fact that the Clark County Coroner has ruled Moran’s death a homicide.
In fact, Cruz’s original charges were dismissed by the Clark County District attorney’s Office without an explanation, and Wolfson refuses to speak to the Las Vegas Tribune.
Ironically, months later, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that a 22-year-old man has been indicted in the slaying of another man who was shot while walking down a street in Henderson in January.
“Kevin Farnsworth, 26, was talking on a cell phone while walking along Warm Springs Road, just west of Arroyo Grande Boulevard, on the evening of Jan. 14, when he was killed, police said at the time.”
“Within days, investigators had asked for the public’s help finding witnesses or possible footage of the shooting. Farnsworth died of a gunshot wound to the torso, and his death was ruled a homicide, the Clark County coroner’s office has said,” the article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.
Back a few years ago a man by the name of Menendez gained a second trial against the argument of two hysterical female prosecutors who disrespected the judge for granting a new trial under the finding of new evidence.
The Las Vegas Tribune was in the courtroom of then-District Court Judge Jim Bixler when the two hysterical prosecutors disrespected the judge when he granted a new trial to Menendez and the newspaper reported the incident.
Later the newspaper asked District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, if he had read the article and if he wanted to respond or comment on our article but he declined and when pressured for an answer he said, “I don’t want to.”
After Raul Moran died, District Attorney Steve Wolfson, taking orders from Detective Gary King from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Department’s homicide unit, refused to upgrade the charges to homicide as it was ruled by the Clark County Coroner.
It is almost like Wolfson picks and chooses who goes to prison or who goes free and Raul Moran’s killer, Victor Cruz, is among those who Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson chooses to let go free to please a homicide Detective, Gary King, who may or may not have a connection with the three-time felon.
Victor Cruz has three felony arrests and has not spent one day in jail, and during the trial of Raul Moran he was in court only one day.
It pays to have friends or perhaps handlers in a police department that controls the District Attorney

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