Don’t blame police officers, blame the staff and A.A.

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Those who have a problem getting police to respond to an incident may not have to blame the police all the time. The personnel on 311 are rude, arrogant and unprofessional and are under the impression that their poop does not stink.
By the time a citizen, a member of the community or even a tourist who is not staying at one of the Strip Resorts gets to speak to the officer, that caller is so aggravated after speaking to the telephone operator from a call center that the conversation with the police officer turns very unpleasant.
Calls made from a 7-Eleven Store seem to be prioritized but a woman’s life is still at risk by the personnel from the call center and all other calls seem to be placed at the end of the list.
Just a few days ago a lady that has a business in the downtown area was physically and verbally threatened by two local homeless individuals so the young lady, who by the way, has relatives in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department but does not brag about it, called for help and the call seemed not to be dispatched at all because one police car was seen at the 7-Eleven store across the street from this family-run business for one hour, but the police officer was not seen at or inside the store.
We later were told that the officers go there to have coffee or breakfast in the back room of the store and that is why the officer was not seen, despite his/her car being parked outside the store.
Two police cars driving along East Charleston Boulevard were waived at by a citizen to alert the officer to stop. When the personnel at the call center were contacted to see what happened with that call, one person was hung up on and the other one was treated very badly as well.
We learned that one of the homeless individuals threatening the local business owner was still in the area and the officer driving one of the patrol cars passed the individual but never stopped.
A woman by the name of Lisa who claims to be a supervisor at the 311 call center hung up the call twice and a Supervisor by the name of Mary at the downtown area command very sarcastically took a message for the A.A., refusing to explain what A.A. means or stands for.
Another case in another jurisdiction, proved that the issue is very familiar everywhere in the department under the supervision of Sheriff Joe Lombardo.
Convention Center Area Command covering the Strip where all the billionaire hotels are located had a call from a young woman saying that her brother, under the influence of some type of drugs, was breaking walls, tables and everything he could find. It took two hours and five minutes before they showed up and did nothing but talk to the young woman that was trying to protect her seven-year-old son from getting hurt.
The drug-addicted brother had invited several of his drug addict friends and had turned his sister’s house into a drug house.
The police did not ask them to leave, did not search anyone to see if they were holding any drugs, and as amazing and amusing as it may sound, they did not ask any of the uninvited druggies to leave, letting the young boy stay at risk of getting high with the drugs they were doing.
It is our understanding that it was not legalized marijuana, but heavy illegal drugs those people were using and these police officers left the young mother and her seven-year-old son in the hands of out-of-control criminals.
Editor’s note: After several investigations we later found out through our sources within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that the letters A.A. that “Mary,” the alleged supervisor at Downtown Area Command, would not tell us what it meant did not mean Alcoholic Anonymous but Administrator Assistant.

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