Best city of them all with the worst telephone system of them all

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
One would think that the city of Las Vegas would have at least a good telephone system but that is not the case. Trying to call Las Vegas City Hall’s alleged switchboard is an odyssey and a drama one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy.
Mondays and Tuesdays after three days off are not good days to call the Las Vegas City Hall; there is no one answering the phone and a recorded message is as long as its three-day weekends.
The city should have a recording with a telephone number of the departments the caller is trying to reach, including the direct telephone line for each elected city council even if they also never answer their respective telephone lines.
The switchboard telephone operator might be able to save time if she would transfer the call to the department the caller is asking for instead of “interrogating” the caller as to what their name is, who they want to speak to or any other question that is none of their business.
If the caller is asking for a specific individual, the telephone operator should transfer the call to that person and not to the department where the caller is going to encounter another twenty minutes of some general recording.
This is the best city of them all and as such, it should be able to respond to all calls from visitors or locals with the best performance possible. The city should be able to facilitate the visitors and locals with the fastest service possible, even if they have to hire extra telephone operators to serve the constituents.
People expect the best and the most from Las Vegas and the city should be able to give out the best. If hotels and small businesses can offer the best services, the city itself should be able to set an example with the best service and the best treatment for all visitors and locals alike.
Elected officials should always remember that they are not the bosses; they work for the community and they should be quick to serve the community to the best of their abilities.
City employees and those working for the elected officials should have more reason to remember that the community and the public as a whole are the most important subjects to serve.
If, as the saying goes, “The customer is always right,” at City Hall the saying should be, “The people are always right,” and with that in mind the community would not feel that they are not treated as they are supposed to be treated.
The city council, city attorney and those under their domain need to understand that the public, the constituents, the voters and the city as a whole are their bosses and correcting their behavior will make it easier for everyone.
Acting the right way will make it easy for everyone and will save those rebels from acting disrespectful and out of line. Treating the visitors at the city council the right way will avoid the problem of having people standing at the podium and insulting and disrespecting the members of the city council, the county commission or any other board or official dependency.
Have a sunny day.

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