Michele Fiore does not need to step down

Michele Fiore, has been attacked by liberal groups

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz

Mayor Pro-tem Michelle FioreMichele Fiore, has been attacked by liberal groups

I would like to be able to defend Mayor Carolyn Goodman from her detractors but I don’t need to do that because Chuck Muth is doing a very good job defending our mayor.
Mayor Carolyn Goodman is a good mayor and has the best interest of the community at heart; unfortunately the bad, evil elements do not have the intelligence to respect her and the patience to wait for their time to advance in their political career.
Chuck has control of the English language for using fancy words and also has the diplomacy that I don’t dream to have because my Cuban temper does not allow me to have.
Maybe that is why I understand Councilwoman Michele Fiore, because New Yorkers are very similar to Cubans; we speak our minds, we say what we feel and we have no problem expressing ourselves openly.
That is why I’d like to tell Councilwoman Michele Fiore not to pay attention to those who so cowardly are attacking her for expressing her opinion and speaking her mind.
The problem that we all have nowadays is that the communists that pretend to be “protesters” don’t like people to disagree with them; the socialists don’t allow anyone to overshadow their ideas and block their opinions.
The other day I heard at the city council that several people were there to insult and disrespect Councilwoman Michele Fiore because of her alleged involvement with the Blue Lives Matters because “it was taking the spotlight away from the Black Lives Matter.”
Respecting the opinions of others is something that the communists, the liberals, the Democrats don’t know how to do because they are all against someone else’s opinion; they are against what is good for the community and for the nation.
Michele Fiore does not need to resign; Michele Fiore does not need to step down; Michele Fiore has done nothing wrong; she is entitled to her opinion and that is a right that she has as an American, as a Nevada resident and as a human being and no one can take that away from her.
Michelle Fiore has paid he  dues in this community and unlike others that are playing musical chairs and others that are under the misconception that the color of their skin is supposed to open the doors of opportunity in the political arena, she has worked hard for what she has earned.
Has she made a mistake? Sure she has; just because she is a New Yorkerdoesn’t mean that she is not human and humans make mistakes. Has she faults? Of course she may have faults but there is no other public official that works as hard as Michele Fiore for her constituents and the community as a whole.
In my humble opinion, and it is my own opinion with no intention to disappoint anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings, Michele Fiore is the
female version of Michael McDonald.
Michael McDonald is a mystery; the FBI thinks he is “dirty” while some of his so-called friends pretend to like him yet are very jealous and envious of him, but he has his own way to serve the public.
Michael McDonald was the best City Councilman Ward One ever had. People who called his office and notified him that an electric light on the pole at so and so place has a burned out bulb and within two hours, before the sun went down, the light bulb was replaced.
Did Michael McDonald change the light bulb? Of course not; did Rick Henry change the light bulb? Most likely not, but there was a chain of command and the credit, as always, goes to the top because their jobs include making the boss look good.
I have no idea how Michele Fiore could last so long being friends with musical-chair players that were nothing but traitors, double-crossers and back-stabbers, but there is no one so blind as one who will not see, and as we had stated back in 2014, “Choosing a candidate just for the color of his skin just to be ‘politically correct’ is not the right thing to do at the voting polls.”
I make mistakes, not often, but when I do, I am honest enough to
accept the responsibility for my mistakes.
I met District Court Judge Adriana Escobar when she was in high school, or even before, because her late mother was a very important member of my organization when I had La Verdad, the first Spanish newspaper in Nevada. Later the judge’s daughter had airtime on our radio station, but on July 23, 2014, I mistakenly wrote, “The present judge in District Court Department 14, Adriana Escobar, is misleading the Clark County voters with signs that ask for her to be re-elected to the bench in that department” but I was wrong and another judge,
Carolyn Ellsworth, called it to my attention during a telephone conversation. I immediately made the correction and publicly apologized to my former friend.
I believe that it takes a lot of courage to apologize when one makes a mistake and my courage is as big as my mouth.
However, going back to the main subject of this week’s column, Michele Fiore does not pay attention to people who have an evil mind and even bigger mouth; we need you, Michele, to keep doing the good job you have been doing and hope you will because you have lots of people that do respect and appreciate you.
I don’t know you well enough to know what you might believe, but I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about because God is on your side.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.b
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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