John Bolton is not only rude, but also vindictive

John Bolton

By Perly Viasmensky

John Bolton

When President Donald Trump nominated John Bolton as his national security advisor I immediately thought to myself — what’s wrong with President Trump, does he know who this man really is, regardless of whether he is a former diplomat or a former policy hawk who has strongly advocated for regime change in Iran, Lybia, Venezuela and Cuba? Who in the world talked President Trump into naming this vindictive, ill-mannered, rude individual to the position of national security advisor?
I have no clue how the man, Bolton, could have ever been named a diplomat, because he has no diplomacy, no manners, no class, no respect for women, and always conducted himself as if he is the best thing since Coca-Cola.
I am a little person, but I met the man, Bolton, some years ago, when Jim Santini ran for Congress as a Republican after four terms in Congress representing Nevada as a Democrat.
There was an event called “Viva Santini” and John Bolton was invited to speak at the event. The supposed speaker programmed for the event was missing in action, and the campaign team hired by Mr. Santini who came from California asked someone else to be the speaker. They made it very clear that the audience should be informed that Mr. John Bolton was not to be around to answer questions because he had to be back in Arizona because his wife was very sick.
And so, it was said. There was no clue if his face was red because of his anger, or his ugly mustache was bigger around his mouth because it
grew from frustration, but he stood on the stage and said: “This woman is a liar, a big liar, I am leaving because I want to leave.” No other explanations to supposed voters. I am that woman Mr. Bolton called a liar.
Now, I understand he wants to get even for being fired by Mr. Trump with a little book that could cause many problems to the security of the country. The lives of the American people, regardless of race, are at stake because of the frustration and vindictiveness of John Bolton.
Mr. John Bolton is just a deplorable human being; he doesn’t deserve any respect from anyone. He can give away his book for free, and I won’t waste one second of my time to read the garbage he wrote in it.
* * * * *
The United States of America, a country without a history. It is totally unbelievable that in the name against racism many national monuments have been vandalized, destroyed, and/or removed when the majority of the young people doing those disgusting acts don’t even know half of the history.
Young people could be excused for their ignorance, but there are others that consider themselves bright-minded people who are complacent with the acts of removal or vandalism.
Removals first focused on monuments to the Confederate States of America, its leaders, and its military. Now in addition to the removal of national statues and murals, several schools and buildings were renamed. The US Navy and US Marines announced they were prohibiting display of the Confederate battle flag.
All of a sudden even poor Christopher Columbus who died 514 years ago is paying the consequences, labeled a racist, and many of his statues removed because the protesters believe that his arrival in the Western hemisphere marked the beginning of the genocide of Native American people.
The city of Columbus in the State of Ohio got his name over 200 years ago, now a petition to change the name of the city is circulating to change the name to Flavortown, to honor native celebrity chef Guy Fieri. Some people without an atom of gray matter in their little heads, without an ounce of evidence, decided that Christopher Columbus was murderous. By the way, who in the world is Guy Fieri? We all know that Fieri licenses his name to restaurants in New York and Las Vegas, Nevada but other than that we see no reason to name the city of Columbus after this man.
I am surprised that protesters haven’t started a protest to change the name of St. Augustine, Florida to whatever name is convenient since St. Augustine was the only city in Florida where Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested in 1964.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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