It is the American way; racism has nothing to do with it

It is the American way; racism has nothing to do with it The King of Soul, James Brown, said it very loud and clear in his popular song, “Living in America.” We wrote some of our own words to be able to express very clearly what we want all American people to understand.
If we do not like the home we live in, we sell it and look for another location and buy another house that we can call home.
If we do not like the car we are driving, we go and trade it for another one that suits our taste better so we’ll be happy with our car and ourselves.
If we do not like the clothes we are wearing, we can take them off and choose another style, color, or look, but we do not complain about it to our partner.
If we do not like the tie we were given, we do not take it out on the giver; we just don’t wear it, maybe giving it to someone who does like it.
We believe that by now most people reading it are able to get our drift because this newspaper was founded with the American people in mind using simple, normal, and everyday language for the normal everyday people to understand and not be confused with sophisticated words that might be confusing to some.
What is wrong with saying “If you don’t like what you see in this country, you are free to leave and go someplace else?”
We have known that this newspaper was founded with the intention of informing readers and our community about the truth of what is going on—after being victims of political corruption, police corruption, and abuse when the local police wanted to force us to become snitches against a high profile gaming figure by creating lies about him, saying things of which we had no knowledge and which were intended to discredit him.
This newspaper was founded with the community in mind, and when we see some evil, anti-American groups twisting every word said by the duly elected president of this nation, we cannot keep silent.
For the last three years the Las Vegas Tribune has been very consistent in our support of the president and belief in his administration.
This newspaper looks at the issues with an open mind, judges them on their merits, regardless of political parties; in fact, at one time the newspaper supported and endorsed most of the Democratic County Commissioners, including our governor and others of the socialist mentality until it became obvious they were not doing any favors (any good) for Nevadans.
Many people believe that OJ Simpson was guilty of a crime; that is their right, but a jury of his peers found him not guilty.
President Donald Trump was duly elected president, our 45th president, using a legitimate election system created by our American system that has elected many other presidents before him, so why not accept it and get on with life?
Those elected officials that so badly criticize our system may be better off not running for office, retiring, or even leaving the country and going somewhere “better” than our country in their eyes.
In other words, they should work for what they believe in or get out of the way so others can do their job to make things even better than what we have now.
Even if we believe that it is not entirely their fault, if they cannot follow the rules, they should leave; if they cannot respect the system we have, they should leave; if they cannot respect the outcome of our election system, they should leave; and last but not least, if they cannot respect the duly elected president of this nation, they should leave. Internal turmoil can only divide and even destroy a country.
But the fault also may lie with the voters of those states that were ignorant enough to elect communists who do not know how to respect our laws and our system and are now placing the future and safety of our nation at risk.
This is not only observed from the national viewpoint, but also from the local viewpoint and yet we respect those opinions that are not equal to the opinions of others.
We all have the right to our own opinions. If we believe in equality, fine; but if we do not believe in equality, that opinion should be respected as well.
If we belong to a group or organization that is more popular than others, we should respect that popular opinion and/or work harder to make our group more popular than the competition, but we should not attack the competition.
That is the benefit of living in a free country; we are entitled to a difference of opinion. We should be free to express our own opinion without burning someone else’s building and destroying everything that person worked for.

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