Edgar Samaniego might be a product of Las Vegas Metro Police negligence

Police claim that criminals have rights and we wonder if Edgar Samaniego shooting officer Shay Mikalonis is include in these rights

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Edgar Samaniego, the young juvenile delinquent who shot officer Shay Mikalonis, is a product of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
Department’s negligence that protects the criminals because of its mindset that tells them “criminals have rights too.”
Detective David Myers could be partly responsible for his fellow police officer Shay Mikalonis being prostrated in a hospital bed for the rest of his life and unable to speak.
Edgar Samaniego broke into a local business, taking computers, laptops, printers, cash money and several other things.
Detective David Myers was informed where the stolen property was stashed and told the victims that the police cannot go in to retrieve the stolen property because “criminals have rights too.”
If Edgar Samaniego would have been arrested for the local downtown business break-in, he would not have been in the position of having the opportunity to shoot officer Shay Mikalonis; he may have been doing time for the downtown break-in and not been available to shoot the young police officer.
If Edgar Samaniego’s mother, Claudia Ixta, would not have wanted to be a super-mom to her sons, protecting and covering up for her “little juvenile delinquents,” he may not have gotten into the position he is in today, behind bars with no bail and facing a long sentence, if the case stays out of the Clark County District Attorney’s and Detective Gary King’s hands, who protect those who shoot unarmed people in the back.
Claudia Ixta, Edgar Samaniego’s mother, owns a second-hand store in the downtown area and is known in the neighborhood for her bad temper and worse attitude that seems to be a family trait.
The judge hearing the Samaniego case said Samaniego would be held without bail because of concerns of the grave condition of the officer and of him being a danger to the community. The issue of bail could be taken up at a later hearing.
Samaniego is held without bail because the victim in this case is one of their own; it is one young police officer and not a regular local citizen like Raul Moran, who was shot in the back of his head and detective King and the District Attorney refused to update the charges to homicide as it was ruled by the Clark County Coroner.
The more we hear of the Raul Moran murder case, the more questions we have and the more Clark County Officials refuse to give any answers.
There is even the possibility that someone is protecting Victor Cruz and others in the murder of Raul Moran considering that the case was abruptly dismissed.
While Samaniego, who shot officer Shay Mikalonis, has been at the Clark County Detention Center without bail; since the day of his
arrest, Victor Cruz has been in court only once; several times the case was placed on the calendar for “later,” but had been postponed without any excuse.
Later, at Victor Cruz’s last court appearance, to the surprise of all, the two deputy district attorneys requested to dismiss the case, and the presiding judge, Joseph Scisentos, as a good obedient little lamb, accepted the order given to him by the two prosecutors.
While the issue of Officer Mikalonis is a very sad one due to his profession, his age, and his stable position in the community, comparing how the cases of Samaniego and Victor Cruz have been handled, many wonder if justice is being served equally and fairly.

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