Michele Fiore resigns as Mayor Pro Tem

Michele Fiore, has been attacked by liberal groups
By The Las Vegas Tribune Staff

Mayor Pro-tem Michelle Fiore

During a Tuesday press conference Las Vegas City Councilwoman and Mayor Pro-Tem Michele Fiore, accompanied by Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn Goodman, announced that she was stepping down from her duties as Mayor Pro-Tem.
The unexpected announcement of her decision took many people by shocking surprise because she did not have a reason to take such radical action.
“For the benefit of the city of Las Vegas, I am passing the responsibilities of being mayor pro tem back to the mayor of Las Vegas,” Fiore said.
Mayor Goodman said she was made aware of Fiore’s decision at around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, just a few hours before the two called for the press conference.
Councilman Cedric Crear, the only Black member of the Board, had formally asked Mayor Carolyn Goodman for Michele Fiore to be removed from the position of Mayor Pro Tempore and was not at the press conference, but was seen walking out of city hall with a happy face resembling a victory.
Fiore allegedly made remarks critical of affirmative action, but so far no one has been able to confirm it or present a tape of her speech at the Clark County GOP convention last week.
Nevada Republican Party Chairman, Michael McDonald, stood up for Fiore criticizing leaks within his own party. McDonald says that he does not consider the councilwoman to be a racist and he has not seen or heard any of the controversial statements that Fiore allegedly had spoken at the convention.
McDonald says that he asked for evidence and so far there is no tape or statement from any one that allegedly saw or heard any of the accusations that the County Republican Party consider so inexcusable and out of place.
The late afternoon press conference took many by surprise and many openly showed their disappointment for the councilwoman’s resignation.
In his letter to Mayor Goodman Crear explains Fiore’s earlier comment during a June 3 city council meeting where she said “protesting does not give the right of beating white people up.”
The letter also outlines claims that Fiore said “I am a white woman and I should not lose my job because of their black asses” during a Clark County GOP Convention earlier this month, but again, no one has seen proof of any of it.
The move can be an effort of a local Democrat Socialist group that is trying to take over the Las Vegas city hall with the help of two or more sitting members of the Board.
Fiore said last week that her First Amendment rights were under attack amid rebukes by the Clark County Republican Party and growing controversy.
The councilwoman also said that she apologized for the county’s GOP chairman, David Sajdak, for being a “pandering idiot” and called on the entire unedited version to be released.
Mayor Goodman then issued a statement stating: “I have received Councilman’s Crear’s letter, and I am considering all the information related to this situation. I am taking this very seriously, and it is my understanding that there is an ongoing investigation into what occurred at the County Republican Convention. Every member of the City Council is very important to me and the city of Las Vegas.”
The Las Vegas Tribune has information that a local woman who believes she is a campaign manager is conspiring with a sitting member of the Las Vegas City Council and the support of a very wealthy local man are getting ready to collect signatures to recall Mayor Goodman.
The information has not been fully confirmed or verified, but we are working on the story and will see how it plays.

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