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Detective King bad example for Metro at this time

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Most Metro officers are under the wrong opinion that criminals have rights too; in fact the Las Vegas Tribune was a witness to that when Detective David Meyers told the newspaper that same statement.
So it was not a complete surprise when Detective Gary King in a very rude, antagonistic and disrespectful manner attacked a close relative of Raul Moran.
Detective King not only disrespected an American citizen, but a lady who was only asking about the progress of an investigation.
“Why are you so concerned about the murder investigation of Raul Moran? He was a criminal,” were the exact words of Detective King who seems not to know how to treat a lady.
Even if Raul Moran was a criminal his relatives do not need to pay the price for his background; besides, isn’t Victor Cruz, the man that Detective King is so vehemently defending, a criminal also? It seems
like criminals have rights too, but only when it is convenient to the police— either when they are not capable of doing their job or when
they are protecting one of their own.
Victor Cruz was arrested after the shooting of Raul Moran and as incredible as it sounds, Victor Cruz was booked at the Clark County
Detention Center on a simple charge of Battery with a deadly weapon and immediately released from CCDC after posting a $25,000 bail.
Battery with the use of a weapon is normally done when the officer wants to “pile up” more charges, but after Raul Moran was pronounced dead days later at the hospital the charges to Victor Cruz should have been updated to murder charges, as promised by Detective Courtney and Detective Gary King when they met with the family on March 16 at the hospital, but the charges were never upgraded and we all wonder why. The Las Vegas Tribune immediately contacted Det. Gary King to clarify the situation and he hung up the phone on us.
The Raul Moran family wants to know why, if the Clark County Coroner ruled his death a homicide, charges were not “piled up” to murder as was supposed to be after Moran died two days later at the hospital.
In court the presiding judge, Joe Sciscento, neglected to read the Clark County Coroner’s autopsy report signed by the Coroner herself,
Lisa Gavin MD, MPH on April 12, 2019 that described Raul Moran’s cause of death as “Homicide.”
It seems like Detective Gary King, with the blessing of his superiors Spencer and Kennedy with the Homicide Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the office of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, neglected to specify in all court papers that if someone is protecting an assassin that is walking the street of our city, as many police officers try to explain to victims of a crime, that “Criminals have rights, too.”
Detective King should be taught how to treat a woman and how to talk to a lady while carrying a METRO badge because a gun alone does not give him license to mistreat a lady regardless of how much of a criminal Raul Moran might have been.
There are many unanswered questions on the murder of Raul Moran and it seems like everyone is lying to cover each other’s back. Let’s backtrack a little…
Raul Moran, a member of a prominent Las Vegas gaming family, was shot in the back of his head while unarmed, walking home, but lots of questions are still unanswered and many of his family members and friends are questioning the preference given to his assassin.
Victor Cruz and a relative, Damian Cruz, were arrested after the shooting, and as incredible as it sounds, Victor Cruz was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a simple charge of Battery with a deadly weapon, but Damian Cruz was not booked.
The Las Vegas Tribune had learned that “only one of you will be arrested so the other one can work out the bail” was an arrangement
made by the detectives responding to the scene of the shooting.
At the hospital Detective King mentioned to a nurse that “the shooting was an accident,” but the Clark County Coroner ruled his death a homicide.
Many of Moran’s family and friends were shocked to hear the presiding judge instructing defendant Victor Cruz “to stay away from the victim, Raul Moran” when Raul Moran was already dead by the hand of the defendant Victor Cruz appearing before him.
Didn’t the judge read the court papers before trial and realize that the defendant was accused of the murder of Raul Moran while he was walking home unarmed?
Didn’t the judge realize that murdering someone is the same as killing someone? But that was the key to the issue: the court papers prepared by theprosecutors with the information given by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Investigators may have skipped the fact that Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head while walking home unarmed.
But as Detective King has stated, “Why so much concern when Raul Moran was a criminal?” Now let’s keep the other criminals out so they can keep helping us is what seems to be their philosophy in this case. Another day in Paradise!!!

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