Republican Party needs to wake up

By Las Vegas Tribune Staff
The Nevada Republican Party in a press release alerted the community to how the “Democrats and their media allies are doing everything they can to confuse voters about Nevada’s primary election in June.”
The primary election in June took place on Tuesday and there is not much the Clark County voters can do now, but they can be alert for the general election in November so the Democrats are not able to confuse the voters.
It is very sad that the Nevada Republican Party was not able to alert the Clark County voters for the primary election, but it will be good if  they can be prepared for the general election in November.
“It is especially appalling that one well-known Silver State media personality has thrown all of the journalistic  integrity he had left out the window to fully become water boy for the Democrat National Committee and Nevada Democrat Party,” the press release stated without realizing that the information would be more effective if they divulged the name of the “one well-known Silver State media personality” instead of leaving the doubt to damage the reputation of all the media and all other “well-known Silver State media personalities” because we refused to believe that media personality they are referring to is the only “well-known Silver State media personality.”
“We won’t allow an editor of a media organization to lie to Nevadans,” the press release reads, but again the Nevada Republican Party refuses to identify the media organization it’s referring to and who “the
media allies” of the Democrats are.
How will the Nevada voters learn whose media organization is an ally of the Democrats? How will the Nevada voters learn whose media organization is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth?
Unless the Nevada Republican Party is under the misconception that there is only one media organization in Clark County and they do not need to spell out its name, the information they are providing is incomplete.
Issues like this are what make the Las Vegas Tribune sound and look bad and more controversial because the newspaper is not afraid of calling a problem by its name and exposing the culprits involved.
The misconception that the Las Vegas Tribune is a big- mouth company that is always attacking this or that issue is because the Las Vegas Tribune is not afraid to speak up and tell the truth regardless of who, what, and when, and therefore naming names.
The Nevada Republican Party needs to man up and serve the community better to offer information that the community as a whole could use to be educated and well informed to know the truth above all.
As a reminder to all in Clark County, Nevada and the United States of America, the Las Vegas Tribune was the first newspaper in the nation to support and endorse presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2015,
not because of the Republican political affiliation, but because the newspaper believed in the political platform of the candidate.
The newspaper office was vandalized because we had a “Trump for President” sign in front of our building before he had added the Pence name to it; later we were forced to add a sign with Pence’s name (even if the newspaper did not believe in the Vice president’s sincerity and loyalty to the candidate) and posted not one, but eight signs in the front of the building.
However, when Charles Muñoz was named director of the Trump campaign in Nevada and Arizona, the Las Vegas Tribune questioned the reason for the appointment and wrote about it in several issues of the print edition of the newspaper.
Charles Muñoz did not like the fact that the Las Vegas Tribune was so open to criticize him and question the possibility that he was named to that position because of his wife’s political connections and not because of his ability or political knowledge.

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