Comparing murders: Justice requires knowledge as well as action

Tuesday funeral services for George Floyd were very impressive, very emotional, dramatic, and very political, serving the purpose that the creators and promoters of the event were looking for.
The funeral service for George Floyd was a very well done political move from liberals and communists in the nation.
The death of George Floyd is very sad; the way he died was a terrible tragic event and the way it was promoted by the liberal elements that took over his death and promoted it into a world-wide event was a success.
When does anyone ever have an unknown person with a criminal past get a seven-hour funeral with all the amenities that George Floyd had?
Minnesota governor Walz called on all citizens to honor the funeral for George Floyd and requested that all Minnesotans spend 8 minutes and 46 seconds in silence at 11:00 a.m. that morning.
The Houston Chronicle reported that 13 years ago, Floyd was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon — citing Harris County Court records.
In 2009, Floyd served a five-year prison sentence as part of a plea deal on the 2007 charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, reported the Houston Chronicle.
How many people having been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, do five years behind bars, can ever expect to have a royal funeral with political figures and political dignitaries attending his funeral as if he was a very special human being? He had just possibly committed a crime (if he knew the bill was bogus) when he paid for a package of cigarettes with a funny twenty-dollar bill.
George Floyd may be dead, but before he left this world, the fact that he was resisting arrest created the scenario for the life of four Minneapolis police officers to become objects of scorn. Perhaps if he did not struggle, the outcome would have been different. But as it turned out, the liberals and the Democrats are using his memory to their benefit by treating him as a martyr, as a victim and denying the fact that he was resisting arrest.
Police brutality exists in all colors and all nationalities, but not many of us are as lucky as George Floyd to come out of obscurity and be made into a martyr or an idol.
Police abuse shows up in different ways and it is normal in any city in America and it does not discriminate, but George Floyd was lucky to be six feet six inches tall and very intimidating so he was the perfect target and the liberals made him a hero, a victim, a martyr.
A seven-hour funeral was not the length of any funeral we have ever seen and the cost of George Floyd’s funeral could be a year’s salary for at least five families, but the benevolent and generous black American Athlete that offered to pay for it may need it as a tax expense, although he might just truly be a caring individual, whether he knew George or not.
We wonder how many people in Las Vegas, in Nevada or in the United States for that matter have come forward and offered to financially help Officer Shay Mikalonis and his family with his bills and future expenses because his recuperation, even with the help of God, may still take a very long time.
Ahhh! But Officer Mikalonis is not black; he is a hardworking individual and most likely he cannot be made into any kind of a
martyr. His situation cannot be used to impress the liberals, Democrats, and communists in America.
Officer Mikalonis was not passing a funny twenty-dollar bill when he was shot in the back of his head; he was serving his community and helping to keep the peace that liberals did not want to happen.
The only thing that Officer Shay Mikalonis has left in his favor is waiting to see if the Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson does the right thing and prosecutes the man who interrupted his career and life and does not commit the same crime he and his deputies did when they allowed a two-time criminal named Victor Cruz to walk out a free man after he shot an unarmed man in the head the same way Edgar Samaniego shot Officer Mikalonis.
After Victor Cruz shot Raul Moran his victim died and the police as well as the District Attorney are covering for each other and not releasing any information because they are protecting and covering the illegal action of Victor Cruz.
At least the police in Las Vegas have released the criminal record of Edgar Samaniego and the community is able to deal with the truth knowing who shot one of our police officers, but the family of Raul Moran is suffering the reality of seeing the criminal that killed their family member being protected by District Attorney Wolfson and Sheriff Lombardo and even refusing to release the arrest report.

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