George Floyd should not be the excuse for vandalism

By Perly Viasmensky
Racism is a two-way street. If you believe you are being discriminated against because of race, you should not take violent actions against others that have done nothing to you for the same reason.
This is not an issue of “Black Lives Matter”; all lives are important and if God gave us life, He is the only one that can take that life back. This is the reason I am totally against the death penalty.
Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones, who is black, a news commentator and non-practicing attorney recently said referring to the protests in several states for the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, “I have not seen black people this upset in 20 years.”
Neither did I. When Ahmaud Arberry, the 25-year-old black man, was killed while jogging in a residential neighborhood in Georgia, there were a few protests, but nothing of the magnitude of the destruction caused by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
If this is a matter of racism, do we need to believe that George Floyd was blacker than Ahmaud Arberry and as a result, his life was more important than the life of Arberry?
People were upset with the death of a young man and there were some protests, but nothing like the vandalism and looting we have seen in so many states in our nation.
We don’t need to go to phase two or three of the coronavirus; people have decided to go out and put all of us in danger of contagion. A whole bunch of people have decided to go out and spit saliva at others in the name of justice.
All those people want justice for George Floyd by destroying private properties with the only intention of looting those businesses they destroyed with only one purpose in their vandalous act, stealing, not for the lost life of George Floyd, but for personal gain.
They claim they want justice; well the police officer involved in the case of George Floyd was fired and arrested on a third-degree murder case. Can they wait until he is brought to justice? In Minnesota a third-degree murder charge has a 25-year mandatory sentence. They want justice? They should wait until his trial is over.
What kind of justice are they talking about? Destroying private property, stealing items for personal gain, destroying cities’
property as police cars that we all paid for?
I said many times before — stupidity has no cure. The city properties they are destroying have cost us big bucks. It was not the Sheriff of individual cities that paid for equipment; we taxpayers, including the ones doing the vandalizing if they consider themselves Americans, paid for all that, including the salaries of government employees.
Government officials around the nation were anxious to re-open businesses and most of all the ECONOMY, but how in the world do they believe the economy can be improved when now business owners need to spend money they probably don’t have repairing windows broken, walls painted and other things necessary to conduct business?
There have been weeks, as long as 10 to 11 weeks, without making any money and when we believe we could open the doors to start recuperating from the loss of income, we find ourselves back to step one.
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants us the absolute right to protest; such a right to protest may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly PEACEFULLY, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech.
When you see the walls of a magnet school, Freemont Middle School, at 7th Street and Clark in downtown Las Vegas covered with graffiti that includes “F*** the pigs,” you know that the situation has gone out of control. It is even worse when you see that a supposed peaceful protest has turned violent. When you see buildings like City Hall in Reno, Nevada and those people going as far as destroying a Wells Fargo Bank, you can tell they are not interested in remembering the death of
a fellow citizen like George Floyd, but to take advantage of the situation to steal whatever they can.
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers taking a knee in solidarity with the protesters and vandals; are they the type of officers Sheriff Joe Lombardo wants in his force? Shame on him…
What is much more depressing is to know that people employed by us, the taxpayers, to serve and protect the community of Las Vegas, as a handful of police officers, took a knee in solidarity with all the vandals. It is no wonder when you need the assistance of a police officer for a possible crime in progress that they are never around to be found. An hour or so later they drive by simply asking, “Is everything Okay?” They are simply afraid of criminals or too connected to them.
When we thought we were going back to normal after the coronavirus outbreak, we found that big companies such as Target and CVS had to close certain locations because their buildings were damaged during the protests.
It is likely that many of those protesters are not suffering from lack of income because they are collecting unemployment or welfare assistance from the government and they can afford days of luxury; but we, the ones in need of opening our small businesses to get back on our feet, are paying the consequences.
None of those people destroying private properties and conveniently stealing from others knew George Floyd. Neither did I, but maybe, and I want to believe, he was a humble and pacific man who never believed in violent confrontations. This is not the way to honor and remember his memory; this is the time to wait for the result of justice in a court of law. His family deserves peace of mind and soul to mourn him peacefully in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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