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Las Vegas police officers become victims of George Floyd protests

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Two Las Vegas police officers have become the latest victims of the George Floyd excuse for riots all over the country. One officer was shot while protecting the rioters in front of the Las Vegas Federal Building in the heart of downtown Las Vegas.
According to sources close to the Las Vegas Police, close to one hundred protesters were arrested, and 12 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers were injured in a Las Vegas protest over George Floyd on the Las Vegas Strip.
The protest was due to the death of a Minneapolis man, George Floyd, while under arrest in that city after allegedly trying to commit a crime.
According to information obtained by the Las Vegas Tribune, “the vast majority of the arrestees were charged with failure to disperse.”
On Sunday night, close to two hundred people were arrested on the Las Vegas Strip, during protests for the George Floyd homicide incident in Minneapolis according to Las Vegas police.
It was reported that of those arrested, 148 were cited with misdemeanor charges and seven were facing felony charges, but there is no mention on how many were locals and how many were brought to Las Vegas from other cities to create the protest.
In a release Monday, police outlined procedures for making arrests: “This past weekend, the LVMPD was confronted with violent protectors who failed to obey several dispersal orders that were given by officers. Those who failed to disperse were arrested with the misdemeanor charges of Failure to Disperse or Provoke Breach of Peace.
Once arrested they were transported to CCDC where they were subject to a screening process. The process determines if they qualify for an “own recognizance” release or if bail is required.
A Fail to Disperse /Provoke Breach of Peace arrest is not a walk-through charge; therefore, every arrestee must go through a booking process. Before being released, every arrestee will be provided a court date, according to police sources who were told not to speak to the Las Vegas Tribune by the Director of Communication for the Las Vegas Police.
A police officer was on life support Tuesday after being shot during a protest on the Las Vegas Strip, the latest in a handful of attacks on police amid demonstrations across the country over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
The 29-year-old officer, Shay Mikalonis, was shot in the head as police tried to disperse a large crowd in front of the Circus-Circus Hotel in the middle of the famous Las Vegas Strip.
At about the same time and less than three miles away, police outside a federal courthouse shot a protester who was wearing a black tactical vest and armed with two handguns and a rifle. Police said the man was shot as he reached for a firearm.
At press time Officer Shay Mikalonis was still in critical condition and no new information was able to be collected.

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