David Thomas finally exposed by judicial candidate Bohn

Mickey Bohn, a candidate for District Court, Department 24
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Mickey Bohn, a candidate for District Court, Department 24 

Mickey Bohn, a candidate for District Court, Department 24, has filed a complaint with the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline against one of his opponents in that race who is under the spell of David Thomas and his wannabe powerful attorney.Mickey Bohn has filed that complaint with the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline against Dan Gilliam, stating that Gilliam violated Rule 4.1 (A)(7) of the Nevada Code on Judicial Conduct.
The Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 4 Rule 4.1 Political and Campaign Activities of Judges and Judicial Candidates in General States: (A) Except as permitted by law, or by Rules 4.2, 4.3, and 4.4, a judge or a judicial candidate shall not: (7) Seek, accept, or use endorsements or publicly stated support from a political organization.
The complaint alleges that Gilliam, along with a number of candidates for judicial office sent out a mailer stating that the Nevada Republican Club endorses these judicial candidates.
The mailpiece admits that it is paid for by each of the candidates. The mailer lists the names of seven judicial candidates, including Dan Gilliam. The flyer says, “Vote for our endorsed candidates.”
Clark County voters need to educate themselves and learn about the candidates running for a bench position because once they sit on the bench they never get down. In filing the complaint, Mr. Bohn stated, “This is a clear violation.
The laws are in place for a reason. As a practicing attorney, Mr. Gilliam should know the laws that govern candidates for office. How can he expect to serve as a judge when he breaks the laws himself?”
Each of the mailers uses the return address of Policy Communications, the office of Campaign Manager David Thomas. The complaint was filed on May 8, 2020.
David Thomas is not only an attorney himself, but is also married to a judge; they both are assuming knowledge of the law and they should know that what he is doing is against the law.
It is very important to make the effort to elect people we believe will make a difference in our community: we need to check their experience, consider their honesty, and go with the people who care about the betterment of our community, especially in caring about the well-being of our children.
Some candidates for office have lots of money. They have most of the television commercials and the big billboards, but that does not make them the best choices for your vote, and it surely does not mean that they have the best interests of the community at heart.
For years the Las Vegas Tribune has been exposing the dirty maneuvering and manipulation that David Thomas has indulged in with all the candidates that are forced to hire him as campaign manager.
Voters should only elect people who will go to do the job with the clear thought in mind that they work for the taxpayers, and for the community as a whole, and that they are not better than anyone else; those who hire David Thomas to secure their victory are not going to be able to do the job they are supposed to do because behind Thomas is someone else who also has money to make fundraising events in return for a valued “ruling” in many of the cases they will face in court.
Voters should only elect people with a fair mind and a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the community.
Voting or not voting out of vindictiveness toward those who did not vote for them or who have taken part in the community government by attending meetings, expressing their opinions, offering suggestions and speaking up when they see something they don’t like, is not doing the best thing for the community.
In the Las Vegas Tribune edition of May 21, 2014, the newspaper wrote, “This newspaper has maintained that judges who cannot be in control of their courtroom and who are afraid to upset their campaign manager do not deserve to be seated on the bench because they are weak wimps who have sold out, allowing themselves to be told what to do for the prestige of being called judge or jurist because they can never be called “Your Honor,”

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