Don’t Recall Governor Steve Sisolak

Governor Steve Sisolak put down roots in Las Vegas,

By Las Vegas Tribune staff

Governor Steve Sisolak put down roots in Las Vegas

At one time, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak was on good terms with the Las Vegas Tribune, even to the point that he was going to be endorsed by the newspaper until he showed his socialist stripes by taking sides with open borders and trying to turn Nevada into a sanctuary state, but the campaign to recall the governor is not the best for Nevada.
First of all, the two groups (people) that are working on the recall are both California transplants, and one of them called the other one a California “refugee” with less than ten years in Nevada, which makes one wonder what their motive is and we question why two California “refugees” are so interested in Nevada politics.
In February 2020 this newspaper defended the governor and pointed out the malicious intentions behind the recall by people who are trouble-makers with ill intentions to divide Nevadans more than they already are divided.
At least Governor Sisolak has paid his dues after forty some years in the Silver State working his way up through several positions and making many contributions to the state and the Clark County Community.
It is clear that the Las Vegas Tribune did not support or endorse the current governor, but the recall is not benefiting anyone but the greedy people that insist on the recall.
Governor Steve Sisolak put down roots in Las Vegas, built his own communications business, all while raising his two daughters on his own as a single father. Both his daughters attended Nevada’s public high schools and UNLV, where one of them, Ashley, earned her law degree and the other, Carley, earned her master’s degree.
Motivated by his passion for education, Steve decided to give back to the community that supported him by serving on the Nevada Board of Regents for 10 years. As a champion for parents and students, Steve stood up for Nevadans wrongfully charged out-of-state tuition and fought for increased state funding. Education remains a top priority for Steve as governor.
In 2008, after 10 years as a University Regent, Steve was elected to the Clark County Commission, where he served as chairman until being sworn in as governor of Nevada.
On the commission, Steve was known as a coalition-builder and problem-solver. Steve successfully managed the state’s largest county budget and led the county through the Great Recession.
As governor, Steve Sisolak is working to strengthen Nevada’s state-wide economy by diversifying our industries and working to attract new fields and recruit job-creating companies to the Silver State.
Steve Sisolak is proud to be able to call Nevada home and is honored to serve our families as their governor according to his state of Nevada governor web page.
After forty-three years in Nevada, he has earned the right to run for governor and the people of Nevada elected him to that position and no outsider has the right to question that or argue the people of Nevada’s choice and right to elect their own governor.
The Las Vegas Tribune does not agree with many of Governor Steve Sisolak’s policies, his point of view and orders, but we believe that a Recall Governor Sisolak movement is against the best interest of Nevada.
An online newspaper paid for by the MGM Grand reported that “The group seeking to recall Gov. Steve Sisolak has filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge for an extension to the state’s 90-day period for collecting recall signatures because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Fight for Nevada, the organization heading the recall efforts and which has helped lead protests against the state’s COVID-19 shutdown orders, filed the lawsuit Monday in federal court asking to extend the state’s normally required 90-day period to collect signatures for a recall for the length of time equal to the duration of the state of emergency declared in early March.”
The group needs 243,995 signatures for the recall, but only collected 15,897 after 45 days. What does this mean to the organizers? Either the people do not agree with the recall, people believe the governor is doing a good job (which is a matter of opinion), or people believe that the organizers are not fit to do the recall.
Recalls are created to place someone in place of the elected official they do not like or do not agree with; it costs money, time and energy, while preparing for the next election may result in the same result as that which the recall is trying to change.
Recalls are not in the best interest of anyone in state, county or municipal jurisdiction. Perhaps finding a replacement to run against the governor may be more productive than a recall.
These socialist California transplants and refugees may be able to prove themselves better to the people of Nevada if they confront casinos like MGM Grand, which is protected by Harry Reid who wants to keep its employees out of work and hire new ones with lower salaries and fewer benefits and with no seniority, all while no one is opening their mouth to protect the economy of the state.
Where were “Fighting for Nevada” or “Don’t California our Nevada” (“our” Nevada? with only a few years in Nevada!) when former Nevada Senator Harry Reid and US Majority Leader opened an office, after retiring, in the luxurious MGM Grand? Where were “Fighting for Nevada” or “Don’t California our Nevada” when Harry Reid “suggested” to the pattern corporation of the Mandalay Bay to sue the victims of the October 1 shooting to avoid having the victims sue the hotel when in actuality neither lawsuit was right.
No one told or forced those victims to go to that event; the hotel did not promote the event; it was an act of bad luck and the only one responsible is dead, and as a dead coward, he is not able to be responsible for his acts.

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