Choosing our judges is serious business

It is election time! It is time to choose the judges that, unlike any other race, will be in their seat for six years, not two like the Assembly or the Congress; not four like the Senate in the state or the U.S. Senate; not four years like the county commissioners or the city council. It is for six years that these judges are going to be sitting on their benches ruling for or against many people’s freedom and their constitutional rights.
As we have said many times before, we realize that the judicial races are controlled by attorneys; their families, and their staff that follows the law firm that pays their salaries will follow the “suggestions” given them on who to vote for.
In this election, Nevada voters should pay attention to those judicial candidates that brag about having the endorsement of several law enforcement unions and associations, Clark County Prosecutors Association, Nevada Department of Corrections, Police Protective Association and many other law enforcement agencies that control our courtrooms through the prosecutors that listen to orders from police and relay it to the these judges.
Most of the judicial candidates that brag about having the endorsement of these law enforcement unions and associations are owned by campaign manager David Thomas in cahoots with a well known law office that spends lots of money on parties for these candidates to later gain a favored ruling in their cases earning millions of dollars.
That is the same law office that called a judicial candidate and asked how dare he have the audacity to run against his candidate; have you ever heard of a law office that has political candidates? We have not.
In this election Clark County voters must look for judicial candidates that have no ties to any law enforcement organization or union. Clark County voters should look for candidates that are lone rangers; no campaign managers that charge lots of money for a job that pays less than what they pay the campaign manager.
We need to help those candidates that campaign on their own merits, pay for their own publicity and answer all their telephone calls on a one-on-one basis.
Clark County voters should open their eyes and think about why the candidates are not allowed to divulge the name of their campaign managers.
Clark County voters should stop and think why the judicial candidates are only allowed to speak with those authorized by the campaign
managers. Clark County voters should realize that campaign managers don’t like their clients to speak to Nevada constituents on a one on one basis because they are afraid that the candidate will make some compromise that would not go with their own ulterior motive.
In the old days the candidates never asked for campaign contributions and those contributions were given to the campaign in an envelope to the campaign manager so the candidate would not be held obligated to any contributor.
In today’s world the campaign manager charges an arm and a leg and then pushes the candidate to ask or beg for contribution, make the candidate to place campaign signs and many other duties that should go with the expensive “managing duties,” but because they are the managers they do nothing regarding that matter.
Clark County voters need to educate themselves and learn about the candidates running for a bench position because once they sit on the bench they never get down.
We need judges that are going to serve the community, serve every constituent equally and responsibly, not serve the best interest of those who can afford to give a healthy campaign contribution.
Perhaps the county, city or state judicial campaigns should be the same as the federal judges conduct theirs: no campaign managers, no
campaign contributions and even if the federal judges are appointed, the county, city or state judges should be elected for their merits and not by the promises their campaign managers made to their campaign contributors.
We urge the Nevada voters, especially in Clark County, to pay serious attention to the candidates, to educate themselves and learn as much as they can about the candidates and vote with their heart for the candidate that is going to be best for the entire community and not for one who is going to be good for one friend or neighbor.

Perhaps we all should be looking at term limits for judges also, twelve years, two terms, should be more than enough for anyone to sit on the bench.
It is very noble for anyone who “wants to serve their community” to sacrifice themselves doing that, but we should not expect the  “sacrifice” to be forever; most of these candidates are very intelligent and have many resources and they can do better in private life.
We hope that with your help the best candidates will win in this election.

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