ATT, Direct TV, T-Mobile should bring jobs back to the United States

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
It never crossed my mind that I would be writing about this issue or about something that looks like I am criticizing President Trump, but I am sick and tired of seeing how every call center the big companies use are outside the United States.
President Trump stated many times during his presidential campaign that he was bringing the jobs back to the United States, but it seems that he is failing in that promise.
I understand that this is not the right time to criticize the president; many of his enemies and anti-Americans have been doing it even before he had taken office, but I will not be doing the president any favors by keeping my mouth shut.
Many people close to important people keep their mouth shut rather than disagree with or upset their boss or their boss’s friends, and that is wrong.
During the short time I was managing a few entertainers I used to sit in the audience looking for the mistakes that the entertainers would make and later tell them so the mistake/s could be fixed, corrected or omitted for the second show.
I get along with my friend Don Snook and we have been friends for such a long time because he always tells me the ugly things about me, what I do wrong, and criticizes me when I make a mistake and that is why we have built a friendship of forty-four years because he tells me what I don’t want to hear or accept.
President Trump many times has stated that he was bringing the jobs back home and many times he has insinuated that the immigrants are coming here to take the jobs of the American workers; but that is not all true. It is my humble opinion that the American businessmen and the big corporations are taking the jobs from the American people.
They open call centers in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the Philippines, and in the Dominican Republic; and just the other day I talked to someone who refused to tell me what country they were in, but said that it was in the Caribbean and I am now wondering if they are also now in Cuba.
Call center employees in the United States must be making at least twelve dollars an hour and the call centers in any of those countries most likely get paid twelve dollars a day or perhaps twelve dollars a week, depending on what country they are in.
Those jobs should be here in American territory, not in another country, even if the profit can be greater for those corporations that should be taking into consideration that the unemployment lines were already long in the United States even before the Coronavirus arrived.
President Trump has had the best interest of this nation at heart from day one, but sometimes something goes off track and this call centers issue is one of those things and that is why I am writing this, so some of the very few readers my haters believe the Las Vegas Tribune may have will read it and show it to the president who will hopefully do something about it.
The jobs in the call centers should be in this country and nowhere else because it is important that American people fill those job vacancies here; that is why I believe that the president should be made aware of this and not blame the immigrants for stealing jobs from American citizens and legal residents.
That is why ATT, Direct TV, T-Mobile and many other giant corporations tell their employees in those countries not to tell the callers or
anyone else where they are located so the callers who may be calling to make payment arrangements because they cannot make their regular payments will learn that those people in a foreign country had taken a job that they could be doing.
It is time to stop the “for security reasons we cannot tell where we are” as if any one of those callers is going to take an airplane and fly to those countries to confront the people who are taking the jobs
that could be theirs.
The people working those call centers are not at fault; everyone in those countries is happy to be working for an “American company” and having a secure job; no one hates them, but it’s the big corporations that open those call centers there, in countries they may have never been to, that are the problem.
It is time, Mr. President, that you speak to your CEOs and ask them to bring those call centers back to the American people; I don’t know if anyone has told you before, but I had written about this many times. Bring the American jobs back, Mr. President.
This, Mr. President, is not a criticism of you or your administration; it is just a little help from us for you to be made aware of what your people, the people around you, the people that are supposed to alert you to what is going on around you, are not telling you.
We at the Las Vegas Tribune — including me personally — are all very proud to be the first newspaper in the nation to endorse you. We had our office vandalized for supporting and endorsing you, yet we will be with you ‘till the end, Mr. President, and we will never lie to you or mislead you.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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