Horsford, another arrogant Democrat

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford became another Democrat statistic

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford became another Democrat statistic when his Mistress came out publicly and announced the ten-year affair with the married politician.
Horsford has been married for twenty years to his wife and together they have three children; he replaced fellow Democrat Ruben Kihuen after charges of sexual harassment force him to retired.
After Kihuen “made persistent and unwanted advances towards women who were required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities” and almost every prominent Democrat turned their back on him and asked him to resign, he left his elected position.
Ruben Kihuen was strongly criticized by this newspaper and many others in the community including Congresswomen Dina Titus and Susi Lee and Senators Cathleen Cortes Mastos and Jackie Ross who asked (“suggested”) that he resign, which he did.
The news about Congressman Horsford’s ten-year affair has been out for almost a week and so far none of the Nevada Democrat Congressional team have spoken and much less asked the “disgraced public servant” to resign or step down.
Ruben Kihuen is most definitely not a highly favored person with those at this newspaper; the Las Vegas Tribune did not support or endorse him, but the reality is that Ruben Kihuen, a Mexican American product of another Democrat, Dario Herrera, and of course the Godfather of corruption in America, Harry Reid, was a single young man that only “made persistent and unwanted advances towards women who were required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities” versus Steven Horsford, a married man of twenty years with three young children who carried on an extramarital affair for ten years, but most likely because he is black no one is speaking against him.
It seems like the Democratic Congress is getting to become a familiar name when scandals with interns surface, giving the impression that most interns go to Washington to get in trouble, cause trouble, or find a better economical or professional life, giving a bad name to other interns that go to the nation’s capital to get experience and educate themselves for real.
Where are the Nevada representatives on Capitol Hill now that are not asking for their black token in the Congressional team to resign?
Where is the House Ethics Committee and why are they not doing their job? They did not find Ruben Kihuen guilty of anything and gave him a ‘reprimand,’ that is basically a slap on the wrist — ‘don’t do this again’ or ‘be more careful next time,’ and so far they have been hiding the Horsford Affair.
In many minds the Democrat Party treats the Mexican Americans, Blacks and Anglo politicians and members of the party way different from each other, giving the impression that they use Mexican Americans and Blacks as is convenient or beneficiary to get the minorities to join their party of corruption.
Steven Horsford should not only resign effective immediately, but should be banned from politics, not only in Nevada but in the nation.
If Steven Horsford’s wife wants to become the next Hillary Clinton it is up to her, but the nation should not be forced to accept people like Steven Horsford in office or to lead the nation and that is a fact.
Perhaps it is time for all political parties to realize that to accept members in any political party, the members should be Americans, nationalized or legally, but Americans and stop using race or nationality as a tool; after all one needs to be American to be able to vote (or so was the rule in the past), so why do they need to separate the members by race or nationality?
There used to be the white, black, red and yellow races, but the Democrats created the “brown race” to create more division within the so-called “minorities”; perhaps we need to avoid the political parties and allow every legal voter to elect the candidate they believe would be the best choice for their community and the nation. After all, what we need to vote in any election in this country is only to be

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