City Attorneys believe they are above the law

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
The rumor around the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas is that anyone who goes to municipal traffic court is not exempt from punishment and has to pay a fine because everyone is guilty, no matter what.
Municipal traffic court is run by a “commissioner,” not a judge like any other normal court system, and that commissioner is in cahoots with an obscure city attorney named Anthony Ruggiero, forcing everyone to plead guilty regardless of whether or not they are guilty, and they have to pay a fine. A very democratic system!
President Trump was never aware that corruption is part of our judicial system and that is probably because he does not live in Clark County where every defendant HAS to plead guilty, or nolo contendere, but either way has to pay a fine. No corruption there, Mr. President!!!
Refusing to follow the deputy city attorney’s orders will cost the alleged defendant. The entire city attorney’s office turns against him and the entire office goes to war with that one single defendant. No corruption there, Mr. Trump!!!
It seems like the males in the city attorney’s office are afraid to be confused with the sexual preference of their boss and act like tough guys; when someone tries to speak, they raise their voice and end the telephone call by abruptly hanging up the phone. No corruption there, Mr. President!!!
The telephone number of the person receiving the infraction ticket is not on the ticket, yet a deputy city attorney by the name of John Cory, tries to force the “negotiation” on the defendant during a telephone call made from his office to the ticket-holder without explaining who he is or how they got the unlisted telephone number. No corruption there, Mr. President!!!!
John Cory’s supervisor, Assistant City Attorney Ed Poleski, told the Las Vegas Tribune that they are all prosecutors, but both of them are listed in the Nevada Legal Directory book as in the criminal division, giving the impression that those who dare to ignore their deal-offer become a criminal. No corruption there Mr. President!!!
“A very jealous police officer, B. Foster, badge number 16314, was driving opposite to me, but he was “able to see” that my license plate was expired so he followed me through the parking lot from my newspaper office to the Radio-Tribune office and turned his lights on.
No corruption there, Mr. Trump!!!
By the time he turned the lights on his patrol car there were three more patrol cars with lights on and guns drawn like they had found Chapo Guzman walking out of his inhumane cell in a New York penitentiary where they have him locked up with the blessing of the International Human Rights Organization.
Ironically, a few hours earlier I was talking to a lady who was taking my police report and telling her how proud I was of the work our rank and file officers are doing and how good they are serving the community, despite the lack of administration support.
One hour earlier, before I was treated like a criminal and like trash, the homeless who had invaded my two offices were treated much better and with more dignity and respect than I was being treated.
Most likely the city attorney’s office will win the case as it wins all its cases, by force, and most likely with the help of a one-sided partial judge; the case will most likely cost more than $97.00 but it will go all the way to the Supreme Court and that will prove that corruption exists in all courts in Las Vegas and Clark County.

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