Bobby Baldwin, is the man who made Steve Wynn famous…

Bobby Baldwin, the man who made Steve Wynn famous

My Point of View/ By Rolando Larraz

Bobby Baldwin, the man who made Steve Wynn famous

In Nevada, for most crimes, there’s a three-year time limit for the filing of charges. However, for theft, robbery, arson, burglary, forgery and sexual assault there is a four-year time limit. Murder, meanwhile, has no statute of limitations. The District Attorney is often elected and is the lead attorney.
Prosecutors could be anyone from the DA to one of his or her many staff members. Both work for a government entity and depending on jurisdiction they usually have the authority to choose what cases to pursue or not pursue.
With that in mind let’s look at a bigger picture: if a person is a victim of a crime, most likely the District Attorney will prosecute the criminal who committed a crime against any resident in that county.
Most likely the District Attorney follows the recommendation of the investigator with whatever law enforcement agency files the crime report, but the ultimate decision is that of the District Attorney.
For example, if a U-Haul dealer is the victim of a robbery and a break-in, after the criminal is apprehended it is up to the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute that criminal; but when the police department detectives in the case are a bunch of lazy men and women with badges and guns drinking coffee and eating donuts all day long, afraid of arresting the criminal and the office of the District Attorney is filled with a bunch of useless attorneys who are only looking for their payday while playing politics, those criminals are never brought to justice.
As is the case with C-Ann Bean, AKA C-Ann Garcia and her snitch pimp by the alleged name of Chris Garcia, the whereabouts of whom are known to the police, but they don’t have the balls to go arrest them for two reasons. 1) He is a snitch for the narcotic unit and 2) the elected Sheriff does not want to benefit the victim involved so the prosecutor is not moving a finger in that case and the two criminals keep committing more crimes with the blessing of both the District Attorney and the Sheriff.
Even worse is the case of Raul Moran who was murdered by another protégée of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and a Detective by the last name of King who refuses to upgrade the charges of the killer to murder despite the fact that the Coroner and the medical examiner ruled the case a Homicide.
Detective King insisted from day one that Victor Cruz shot Moran by accident and refused to speak to the Las Vegas Tribune to accept or deny the possibility that Victor Cruz may be under his immediate supervision as a confidential informant within the Hispanic community.
When has anyone seen in Clark County a prosecutor asking a judge to dismiss a murder case? When has anyone seen in Clark County a judge dismissing a murder case? Please refresh my memory because in my sixty-three years in Clark County I have never seen anything like it.
This is the very first time I have seen a human being walk out of the Regional Justice Center a free man and in the case of Victor Cruz, that is an exception to the rule; he has walked out as a free man without even being tried. Thank God murder has no statute of limitations, and I hope that Raul Moran’s family gets themselves together and hires a good attorney that forces the District Attorney to re-file charges against Cruz for murder.
It is very noble of District Attorney Steve Wolfson to talk to a reporter that used to be with the daily newspaper once before and worked for the Clark County Public Defender while on “suspension,” speaking about the case of the BJ Baldwin shooting to be “a clear case of self-defense” only a few hours after the shooting, while allowing a murder case to be dismissed by three of his deputies with the blessing of a judge that used to be a good judge and is now possibly part of the corrupt justice system.
BJ Baldwin, a businessman and the son of poker player and casino executive Bobby Baldwin, is the man who made Steve Wynn a famous man until he went to run the City Center casino and is now the Chairman and CEO of the Drew Casino.
It is my humble opinion that between Bobby Baldwin and the late casino host Charlie Meyerson that the fame of casino owner Steve Wynn became a reality. I wonder how much Bobby Baldwin donated to any of Steve Wolfson’s campaigns and if that was not the case, I wonder why the shiny District Attorney was so quick to justify such a shooting in such a short time without waiting for the police report—without waiting for police investigators to give him the last report.
Unless of course, District Attorney Wolfson and Sheriff Joe Lombardo had already talked and decided to protect the son of one of the most illustrious and powerful men in Nevada.
It has always been my humble opinion that Benjamin Siegel created Las Vegas, but Steve Wynn built Las Vegas with the help and knowledge of Bobby Baldwin and the late casino host Charlie Meyerson.
I believe that District Attorney Wolfson and Sheriff Joe Lombardo should have been a little more “discreet” in how they defend the son of a man that everyone respects and admires in and out of the gaming circles.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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