US Citizens are still waiting for those checks

It seems like the coronavirus has become the new tool for the government to use to tell us all how to do things; we are not intelligent enough to think for ourselves (that is why we were stupid enough to elect some of those members of the government at all levels).
Governors across the country are working together to coordinate their approach to easing shutdowns and state restrictions without creating a surge in COVID-19 cases.
Of course, this game of words the government is so good at using requires the help of the mainstream media that follows the government in playing their game of words.
“Colorado and Nevada join Western States Pact as states work on unified coronavirus strategy” read most headliners and spoken by various television news crews, yet not one word of the language the governors use among themselves, such as “re-establish the economy” is heard.
Why is that, many may ask, after reading this far in our weekly editorial, and that is because those superheroes we made the mistake of electing can tell us how to walk, how to speak and how to live since we do not know how to do anything without the guidance of the government — which is so typical of the socialist mentality that the democrats want to impose on us.
They know that we realize the “economy” cannot be re-established just by the fact of opening doors that they, themselves, already closed for the sake of “saving our lives.”
The businesses cannot establish the economy without customers, yet where are the customers supposed to come from? From neighboring states with perhaps more coronavirus victims than we have? Please, give us a break!
These super smart governors that are ruling our states want to open the businesses they closed early on to establish their own economy by not having to give these businesses the stimulus checks they promised or the charity they promised to many of those small businesses.
It is our humble opinion that this ugly and desperate disease called COVID-19 was a work of the Democrats, stupid billionaires like George Soros (not wanting to give him any credit but honoring the truth) and others who are not happy with what the Good Lord has given them in life and want even more at the expense of the rest of us, our health and even our lives.
“My ultimate goal here is to come together as Nevadans to save lives,” Governor Sisolak told reporters in Las Vegas. “That requires aggressive strategies aimed at limiting community spread. We don’t have time to waste. We must act aggressively and decisively to protect ourselves, our families and our communities,” concluded the governor.
The order will not impact essential businesses such as gas stations and grocery stores. Airports, banks, post offices, hospitals, pharmacies, daycare, and urgent care facilities will also remain unaffected, the governor explained back then.
The order, we wrote in our editorial a few weeks ago, did not impact the governor’s pet project, the construction of Las Vegas Raiders Stadium because he owes the governor chair to the owners of the stadium, and the construction kept going on while everyone else in the state was inconvenienced by the lack of being able to do the most essential things, by going to the grocery store and seeing the shelves empty while the grocery store chains take that opportunity to break even by doubling and sometimes tripling the prices of the few items they have left on the shelves.
We want to know how our esteemed governor plans to fill those gaming tables, those lounges and showrooms when entertainers are playing to an empty room since we had to bow to his wishes and commands.
The governor is looking for a way of not fulfilling a promise of economically helping the business that has always been profitable with the good economy we had been enjoying in our state.
Well, now we must bring out that famous expression used by many of us on many occasions: “It is time to give back to the community that has been so good to us for a long time” and forget the pooh-pooh talk of our governor.
We believe that before the businesses can be “appreciated” for not making millions at our expense, the governor must be sure that these average, normal, everyday citizens of our state gets the money that they were promised so they can buy groceries for their family, pay their rent or mortgage, or cover their overdrawn bank accounts.
It is a shame that American-born citizens and those who came here legally are not getting their promised $1,200.00 stimulus checks, while illegals with only a I-TIM card already have the money promised to the American people.
Perhaps it is time to treat the American people with more respect and dignity and stop treating them as second class citizens, regardless of what their party affiliation is.

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