Ungrateful Brian Knudsen sides with Mayor Goodman’s opposition

Brian Knudsen
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Brian Knudsen

Brian Knudsen was elected to represent the residents of Ward 1 in June 2019, most likely because of the open and public support of the Goodman household; but today City Councilman Brian Knudsen teamed up with two other minority members of the council against Mayor Carolyn Goodman.
Since taking office, City Councilman Brian Knudsen has taken the side of Councilwoman Olivia Diaz in almost every issue that affects her Ward, ignoring what is best for his Ward 1 residents.
City Councilman Brian Knudsen shows a great deal of ingratitude, ignoring the fact that without Goodman’s support and endorsement he would never have won the June 19 city election.
In May 2019, City Councilman Brian Knudsen visited the residence of one of the owners of the Las Vegas Tribune giving some sign of showing the newspaper’s support and endorsement because he was running against former Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian’s choice and because he had the support of the Goodmans.
Whoever is advising Mayor Carolyn in her last term in office doesn’t seem to have her best interest at heart; no one in their right mind would advise her to be interviewed on CNN by that puppet with the communist mentality, Anderson Cooper.
If City Councilman Brian Knudsen does not agree with Mayor Goodman’s opinion he should have kept his mouth shut and shown some loyalty to his supposed friend and acted like her ally in the council.
The manipulators of the Las Vegas Mayor are not looking for her best interest; three minorities have spoken publicly against the Mayor for unknown reasons, and one is out of the game when someone pushed him to run for the county commission seat vacated by termed-out Larry Brown.
The other two musical chair players left in the seven seats on the city board are waiting for the end of Mayor Goodman’s term to run for her seat.
Advising Mayor Goodman in favor of accepting the invitation of Cable News Network, AKA CNN, and Anderson Cooper was very ill advice, given only with the idea of hurting her record and reputation.
It reminds many of when former US Senator Candidate Sharon Angle accepted an invitation to speak to students at Rancho High School.
The Las Vegas Tribune advised her against accepting the invitation, but Mrs. Angle, who on many occasions used the office of the Las Vegas Tribune’s Editor in Chief for private meetings without calling the mainstream media attention, like many other politicians was under the impression that because we speak with an accent we also think with an accent and she ignored our advice.
The Las Vegas Tribune alerted Mrs. Angle that the political advisers she had hired from Washington DC could have been working for her opponent, the king of lies, Harry Reid, who was running scared in the race, but she ignored that advice.
First of all, High School students do not vote and most of the students at Rancho High School were immigrants and were controlled by Harry Reid and his gang.
Councilman Cedric Crear represents Ward 5. He won the March 27, 2018 special election to complete the council term that ended in 2019. He then won re-election to a full four-year term in the April 2019 election. Councilman Crear has a deep passion for the Las Vegas community and describes his style as one who “leads by example.”
Councilman Cedric Crear represents Ward 5 and unlike City Councilman Brian Knudsen in Ward 1 is not obligated in any way or shape to Mayor Goodman or her husband, former Mayor Oscar Goodman.
In April 2019 Mayor Goodman won her last term in office with 83 percent of the votes because the people of Las Vegas trust her and know that she has the best interest of Las Vegas residents at heart and if politically-inclined advisers try to show the opposite, it is part of the political game that people like to play and back-stabbing actions that they’re known for.
Mayor Goodman believes that the best move for Las Vegans is to open for business and stop the nonsense regardless of what many see as a problem for the future of the city.
Mayor Goodman is not looking to win a popularity contest; she is thinking of doing what is best for the city that elected her almost unanimously to office.
Some people are too anxious to replace Mayor Goodman, either by making her step down or by waiting till the end of her term to run for that position.
Waiting till the end of Mayor Carolyn Goodman’s term may be the end for two greedy long-time friends that have their eyes on the Mayoral seat.

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