Someone must speak for justice DA, MP, JP or someone else is protecting Victor Cruz

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Raul Moran killed by a four time criminal protected by Las Vegas police                                         
Who is protecting Victor Cruz the police or the District Attorney

The Las Vegas Tribune was the only newspaper in the area that believed in the innocence of Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish when they were accused of killing casino mogul Ted Binion after he died of an overdose of black tar heroin.The newly elected to the Justice Court bench, Judge Jennifer Togliatti was assigned the Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish case and after seeing the players already in the courtroom, we knew that the two were not guilty.

The same happened with the Margaret Rudin and OJ Simpson cases when they both stood, in separate cases, accused in a Nevada Court for a crime they had not committed.

In the case of Margaret Rudin, the court replaced her paid attorney with two other attorneys more friendly with the presiding judge in District Court in order to get a guilty verdict.
Those who followed that trial may remember when the court-selected attorney got into a verbal battle with the presiding judge, something unheard of in a Clark County court.
The OJ Simpson case was a little different; he was charged with retrieving property that belonged to him because he was being punished for the infamous California trial in which he was found Not Guilty and the office of the Clark County District Attorney did not agree with the verdict in a court in California three hundred miles away from Las Vegas.
In those three murder cases and the OJ Simpson property-retrieval case, the Clark County Court spent thousands of dollars to get the verdict they wanted, even if the Tabish-Murphy verdict was later reversed by the Nevada Supreme Court.
The local media and even the national media only talk about the Clark County guilty verdict, but very little of the Nevada Supreme Court reversal.
Many thousands of tax dollars were expended in those three trials of people who may or may not be guilty of the charges to fulfil the ego of a corrupt prosecutor looking to have his boss’s job.
David Jeanjoseph Roger, also known as David Roger, owes his position as Clark County District Attorney to Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish; if it were not for that trial, Las Vegas never would have known who David Roger was or is.
During the so-called Trial of the Year where Sandy Murphy and Richard Tabish were on trial for murder for the accidental overdose death of casino mogul Ted Binion, the newspaper’s contention was that neither of the accused were guilty while the rest of the local media disagreed and fed the national news their news agency executives’ side of the story that they wanted to build; later, on appeal, the Nevada Supreme Court proved the Las Vegas Tribune to be right. Our opinion and clear coverage of the trial changed many minds and many readers’ opinions who, at the beginning, were not sure of their guilt, and finally came to their senses and agreed with the newspaper.
During the Margaret Rudin murder trial Las Vegas Tribune was the only newspaper to expose the relationship of Detective David Kallas with the defendant’s sister so Margaret could be found guilty with the lack of legal representation and the help of detectives David Kallas and Phil Ramos, who in this newspaper’s opinion, railroaded the accused defendant who ended up doing twenty years in a Nevada prison.
The second OJ Simpson trial was no exception; the Las Vegas Tribune maintained that the former Hall of Famer was railroaded and made to pay for the not-guilty verdict in the California murder case where he was accused of murdering his ex-wife.
It was the Las Vegas Tribune’s contention that the betrayal of some of Simpson’s so-called friends and business associates were part of a conspiracy paid for by Ron Goldman’s father and Simpson’s former sister-in-law.
Of the three trials, two of them were reversed by the Nevada Supreme Court and the third ended with twenty years in a Nevada Penitentiary.
Fast forward a few years to April 2019 when Victor Cruz, a known criminal with three previous criminal charges in his jacket that were mysteriously “dismissed” by the office of the District Attorney, shot and killed a member of the Cuban American community born and raised in Las Vegas and was arrested after the shooting. As incredible as it sounds, Victor Cruz was only booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a simple charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
Those attending the first court appearance for Victor Cruz were surprised that Victor Cruz was not charged with homicide as it was reported by the Clark County Coroner and the bail was set at $20,000, which is a normal bail for a simple law-breaker charge, but not for murder.
It is customary that the two government offices running Las Vegas, the Clark County District Attorney and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, passed the buck among each other to cover up for their inefficiency or their political corruption; the police detective tells the victims of a crime that “we file the report but it is up to the District Attorney.”
But that was the key of the issue: the court papers prepared by the prosecutors with the information given to them by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Investigators may have skipped the fact that Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head while walking home unarmed and the Clark County Coroner stating that Raul Moran’s death was a homicide. Victor Cruz is taller than Raul Moran was and the bullet went in the neck, behind the left ear; if the bullet went in through the back of the left ear the bullet should have gone down instead of going up to blow his brains out.
Either the presiding judge, Judge Joseph Scisentos, neglected to read the Clark County Coroner’s autopsy report signed by the Coroner herself, Lisa Gavin MD, MPH, on April 12, 2019 that described Raul Moran’s cause of death as “Homicide,” he was blindfolded, or he is part of the conspiracy to let a four-time criminal walk out of the courthouse.
It seems like either the investigators with the Homicide Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or the office of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office neglected to specify that it a homicide in all court papers or someone is protecting an assassin who is walking the street of our city because, as many police officers try to explain to victims of a crime, “Criminals have rights too” and of course they have to protect these rights.
“Audrey was being told by Steve not to speak to you,” we learned from our source in the courthouse. It did not surprise us because she owes her freedom, her job and her retirement to her boss, Steve Wolfson, the Clark County District Attorney and the last time we spoke to Audrey Locke, she lied to us.
From day one this case has been a mystery. According to a source in the hospital, a Homicide Detective by the name of King was heard more than once saying that “it was an accident” and all of a sudden three (not one but three) deputies, district attorneys Brandon Al bright,  Christopher Hamner (with the homicide unit), Rio Kuhn and an Assistant District Attorney Robert Daska decided to dismiss the case against Cruz.
Why is Detective King so interested in making a homicide case “an accident” and making a four-time criminal walk out of the courthouse a free man? Is Victor Cruz submitting valuable information about crimes committed by Hispanics in the Hispanic community to Detective King? Inquiring minds want to know.

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