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“Billy Topit: Master Magician/Producer Lance Burton’s Classic-Style Comedy” By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Sandy Zimmerman during Lance Burton’s at-home Facebook show and his own professional photos.)
Award-Winning Master Magician/Producer Lance Burton, applauded for his successful 31 year professional career in Las Vegas with 15,000 shows enjoyed by 5,000,000 people.  

Burton’s creative instincts led him to indulge in his lesser-known attributes in “Oz the Great and Powerful”, (2013), as a magician/co-writer/director and star of “Billy Topit” (2015) and as a villain on television in “Knight Rider” (1982).

Celebrating the revival of Burton’s popular “Billy Topit” film was exciting watching him host the event streaming from his home bringing all of the characters, the cast, and most of those involved in the film to answer questions in this Facebook event. Blocking off sections of the computer screen for his guests as they each took turns discussing the film with Burton and the audience at their homes also had their own chance to speak.

Lance Burton became “Billy Topit” the hero, the star of the film, portraying a magician which provided an opportunity to show some of his magic tricks.

The film’s style was similar to those early comedies of the past in which the action, characters and dialogue were exaggerated as in the silent films.

 “Billy Topit” won six awards including Best Award as the Best Family Film (2016- Wild Rose Film Festival, proving Burton was successful in his second career!

The Award-Winning “Billy Topit” is a clever story in the amusing old-time comedy-style where the mobsters were typical mobsters, they even looked like mobsters, and the actors could have fun with their roles. It was fun watching each segment of Burton’s film as he took breaks to interview his special celebrity guests who were the cast members featured in the film: Co-film writer/juggler/circus clown/executive producer (SHOWTIME) Michael Goudeau- director, executive producer (Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas); Three Emmy Award winner Comedian/Actor/Television Host Louie Anderson; Mac King star of “The Mac King Comedy Magic Show” (Harrah’s Las Vegas); Award-Winning Magician/Comedian/ motion picture technical director/writer/game show host Fielding West;  

Long-time Las Vegas Comedian Frankie Shinta, Michael Holly, and Jeff McBride.

The International Brotherhood of Magicians sponsored this event airing on their Facebook page and also Burton’s Facebook and YouTube and the film donated to local charities (Variety the Children’s Charity of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Shriners and Nevada SPCA.)

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