Reopen Nevada protest rallies turn up heat up on Gov. Sisolak

Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a non-profit public policy grassroots advocacy organization and publisher of

By Chuck Muth

Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, a non-profit public policy grassroots advocacy organization and publisher of

Many Nevadans appear to have had enough… and they ain’t gonna take it anymore. A pair of rallies were held in Carson City and Las Vegas on Saturday protesting Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s discriminatory, contradictory and dictatorial statewide shutdown order.
Can’t speak for the one in Carson City, but the one in Vegas was huge. Police reports estimated the crowd size at 500, but I’d guess it was at least double that. Then again, I went to public school.
Naturally, Jon Ralston — the ever thin-skinned liberal grifter/blogger and king of fake news in Nevada — got his panties in a bunch. He referred to the Nevadans who participated as “irresponsible loons” and referred to elected officials calling for the state to be re-opened “twits.”
Nevertheless, just hours after the pair of rallies ended, Gov. Sisolak weakly tweeted that he was “making considerations for our state-specific re-opening plan.”
As the old saying goes, if they won’t see the light, make them feel the heat! The protests and rallies — growing in size and frequency — are clearly
forcing the governor to FINALLY take seriously the immediate need to stop flattening our economy.
The Antidote for DinaTitusitis I’ve known Kamau Bakari for some 25 years now — dating back to the mid-90’s when I was the Clark County Republican Party chairman.
And he’s running in November against Democrat Rep. Dina Titus — a woman whose grating voice makes fingernails on a chalkboard sound like a baby lullaby — in Nevada’s 1st congressional district as an Independent American.
Lemme tell you a little about Kamau… He was on my executive board when I was chairman. Can’t say we always agreed on every issue, but he was always able to back up his position with reason and facts.
He’s an entrepreneur and small businessman by trade, and an out-spoken constitutionalist by philosophy. He can also rattle off the entire list of 50 states, including the exact date they entered the union and in what order.
He can also tell you off the top of his head the names of the six Founding Fathers who signed both the Declaration of Independence AND the Constitution, as well as which states they came from.
Kamau’s as smart and well-informed on our nation’s history as they come. He’s also colored. No, wait, black. No, wait, African-American. No, wait, he refers to himself as an… “Ex-nigga.” (Clutches pearls!) No, seriously. That’s what he says.
And he wonders why the term “colored person” is considered offensive but “person of color” is OK… when they both mean and say the exact same thing. Good question.
He also wonders why no one had a cow when “comedian” Larry Wilmore, at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2016 featuring then-President Barack Obama, said to the President… “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga.”
“Blacks need to stop calling themselves niggas if they expect everyone else not to use the word,” Kamau says. Talking about race like this is explosive stuff. Makes most white people very, very uncomfortable.
But Kamau argues that unless we talk more openly about it, both whites and blacks, lingering racial tensions aren’t going away. And he’ll be talking about this and much more this Friday on KKVV-1060AM in Las Vegas from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Pacific. You should listen and, by all means, call in and ask him questions.
But be prepared: Kamau doesn’t hold back. Ask him a straight question and he’ll give you a straight answer. The perfect antidote for DinaTitusitis!
* * * * *
Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at His views are his own.

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