Demand identification: Verbal attacks hide behind anonymity

The White House media corps attending the coronavirus task force briefing should identify themselves by first and last name and their organization’s name so the people watching on television are able to recognize those asking important and good questions concentrating on what is important to the nation and what is a political attack on the duly elected president of this great nation.
It is a fact that CNN is an anti-Trump news organization that uses all the time afforded to it to attack anything and everything the president does and doesn’t do.
It is already public knowledge that Jorge Ramos is a Mexican national who married a Cuban woman, the mother of his daughter, to obtain legal status in this country.
It is already a known fact that Abilio James Acosta, AKA Jim Acosta, the son of a Cuban refugee, has quite a resentment against the duly elected president of the United States. Perhaps that resentment comes from his father having been fired by the Trump administration, even if he media called it a resignation; we have to live with the fact that Donald Trump, as a businessman, as a presidential candidate, and as president, does honor his television show YOU’RE FIRED.
In July of 2019, the Miami Herald newspaper wrote this about Acosta: “Of all the things Alex Acosta has accomplished, he may now be remembered most for what he failed to do.
“Acosta, the Miami-raised son of Cuban immigrants, graduated from Harvard Law School, rose to lead the Department of Justice’s civil rights division and pursued terrorists and corrupt politicians as the top federal prosecutor in South Florida. He became the celebrated dean of Florida International University’s law school before his ascension in 2017 to U.S. Secretary of Labor.
But at the pinnacle of his career, Acosta’s decision a dozen years earlier to drop a federal sex trafficking case against accused serial sex predator Jeffrey Epstein would prove to be his downfall. On Friday, standing on the White House lawn next to President Donald Trump — who was once Epstein’s neighbor in Palm Beach — Acosta announced his resignation.”
Perhaps Rene Alexander Acosta’s son, Abilio James Acosta, AKA Jim Acosta, does not want to understand that his father did the right thing when he “resigned” from the Trump administration and his resentment made him look like a fool on national television.
Now there is another Cable News Network, AKA CNN, dummy in the White House media corps, perhaps placed there by the resentment of Abilio
James Acosta, AKA Jim Acosta, who is now chief White House correspondent for that Cable News Network, AKA CNN.
This unknown person became agitated and disrespectful, as most of the CNN employees are against President Trump, but we will never know his
name because the White House media corps are not asked to identify themselves before asking any question of the president or anyone else who is at the press conference.
It is important that the public and anyone else watching the coronavirus task force briefing or any other press conference called by the White House or anyone else in the Trump administration learn who is asking serious questions or who is there to antagonize the president or to interrupt the procedure.
The founders and owners of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper are Cubans, not Cuban descendants like Acosta’s family; the owners of this newspaper were born and raised in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States when the communist regime was given to Fidel Castro and
his criminal enterprise when the socialist Congress of the United States helped the Castro Crime Family take over the best and most prosperous country in the Caribbean.
It pains the founders and owners of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper to see Cubans or Cuban descendants that call themselves Republicans taking sides with others who do not represent the values and integrity that they claim to have, but there is room in this great nation to allow socialists to express their opinion and to take sides with those who are trying to destroy this country by giving it to the communist mentality of those in the Democrat party.
Once again we would like to remind those who think that Communism is the answer to all the problems in the United States of America to look at Venezuela and Cuba, to mention just a couple, where the only ones with money living in luxury are the leaders and members of the communist regime.
The only things those countries give to their people are hunger and depression, with a large side of oppression. We want to be able to convince the Trump administration that it is not only the right thing to do, but it is the most sensible move to make, to keep the public alert and with their eyes wide open.

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