“Cold Winter Getaway” By Sandy Zimmerman

(Photos by Virtually Visiting)

With 25 years as a travel writer (entertainment and dining reviewer), I usually enjoy jungles, islands, off the beaten path villages, and animal tours. There are so many exciting stories about the Arctic, a desolate frozen winter landscape yet this may be an experience to remember. Virtual Visiting contacted me about their new Virtual Videos featuring the ICEHOTEL, Tree Hotel, and others in 360 degree VR Video.

The ICEHOTEL is not an igloo, their large square building has hallways, rooms, bedrooms, suites, chairs, beds, chandeliers, decorations, and more all made of snow and ice blocks. The regular bed sits on an ice foundation with pillows, coverings and sleeping bags on top.  Walking from room to room the atmosphere is stark white, I feel the Ice Artist should paint some colors to brighten the atmosphere.

The temperature inside the ICEHOTEL is always minus 5 even when it is minus 30 or minus 40 degrees outside. Matilda, the guide, explained, “It takes 2 weeks to rebuild the ICEHOTEL every year working from 7 am until late at night.”

If you have heard about the ICEHOTEL there are several with that name around the world. Snow fans would love to just ski or take a sled over to the ICEHOTEL. The area is warmer during the summer.    

This is a FREE guided virtual tour of northernmost Swedish Lapland (bordering Norway and Finland) and you don’t have to dress in warm coats, just sit at home with your computer and click the link: https://virtuallyvisiting.com/360-journeys/

This season saw the 30th winter ICEHOTEL built just outside Kiruna in Swedish Lapland with each year being unique and different. This 360 VERus tour takes you on a tour of that very ICEHOTEL with your very own personal guide. Explore the main hall, learn more about how the ICEHOTEL is made before heading deeper inside to explore some of the amazing Art Suites all in VR 360! Your guide Matilda will ensure that you are well looked after as she talks to you about some of the ideas and concepts that the artist had before starting on the processes of building their amazing rooms, and as always with Virtually Visiting its as good as there!   https://youtu.be/66HkF-0OV7M 

They also offer other virtual tours including “Meet the Moose at Cape Wild,  Treehouse Tour; Dog Sledding Tour with Yellow Snow Husky Tours, Snowmobile Adventure, and Aurora Safari Camp.

I rode in a helicopter to the glacier in Juneau, Alaska and took a dog sled which was very exciting and would recommend their Yellow Snow Husky Tour.

SANDY ZIMMERMAN: Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman produces television programs, documentaries, TV commercials, filmed a Cattle Drive in Reno, Nevada, travel specials in the US and around the world, as a Videographer/ Editor/ Talk Show Host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV television program, airing 6 X’s each week and “Discover the Ultimate Vacation” travel specials.

Sandy is a syndicated columnist featuring Show/ Dining reviews, travel, spas, luxury and more. Suggest topics for articles, for information or questions call 702-515-0846 or write sandyzimm2003@yahoo.com



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