Headlines tell a story, for better or for worse

Oscar Goodman. “The Happiest Mayor in the World,”
“The Happiest Mayor in the World”

Reading between the lines of the daily newspaper news article that the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has canceled the
consulting contract it has with former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, it was obvious that it was to Jeff German’s (the writer’s) evil
It was indeed obvious the satisfaction the writer had put into writing the news item, but it was no surprise at all that the daily newspaper used the ink and the space in its effort to attack Mr. Goodman.
The daily newspaper has been an anti-Goodman outlet from day one back in March 1999 when the former mayor announced he was running for the Las Vegas Mayor seat.
The newspaper wrote back then, in the following Sunday’s issue, an editorial titled “Anyone But Oscar,” which was followed by the next Wednesday edition of the Las Vegas Tribune’s editorial entitled “No One But Oscar.”
Then, after Oscar Goodman won the election, proving the lack of power the daily newspaper has in the community, it gathered all the most notable puppets it had: Jon Ralston, Steve Sibelius and others to attend the newly elected Mayor’s press conferences to ask stupid and obnoxious questions trying, unsuccessfully, to embarrass the man who later became the best mayor our city ever had, “The Happiest Mayor in the World,” Oscar Goodman.
Later, the newspaper changed hands and the attacks on Mr. Goodman continued because there is a conflict of business interests; the city of Las Vegas runs the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and the new owner of the daily newspaper owns the Sands Convention Hall in direct conflict with each other’s interest.
Who will be the best person to lead the attacks on the LVCVA and two of its main targets, CEO Rossi Ralenkotter and Oscar Goodman?
Jeff German, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin transplant, turned into the late Hank Greenspun puppet, into a Brian Greenspun waterboy and now into the daily newspaper “gofer”, is the most logical choice to attack the LVCVA’s Rossi Ralenkotter and Oscar Goodman.
There is no doubt that Oscar Goodman is and will go down in history as the best mayor Las Vegas ever had and ever will and we at Las Vegas Tribune can attest to that.
Oscar Goodman’s title says it all, Host Committee Chairman, sort of some type of Hospitality Ambassador and as such he should be able to oversee Las Vegas guests, make sure they are well pleased and satisfied.
It is a well-known fact that Oscar Goodman, same as many other East Coast born-and-raised residents, does not drive; he always had someone driving him around and security guards at the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority work for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and as such they may perform several tasks — and those tasks may or may not include driving the Host Committee Chairman, or Hospitality Ambassador, to hotels and other locations to check on conventions, tourists, and visitors as the institution created it to be many years ago — the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, a name that says it all.
Many elected officials, as well as Corporate CEOs, Chairpersons or high-ranking executives, not only in Las Vegas but nationwide, have a salary, plus additional money for expenses, gas, entertainment and/or miscellaneous.
We’d be willing to bet that the executives at the Sands Convention as well as the hotel and casino executives working for the owner of the daily newspaper, as well as the newspaper itself, have those types of expense accounts for gas, entertainment and or miscellaneous and such, so what is the big deal for the Host Committee Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to have one of those expense accounts, may we ask?
We also may ask who pays for the chauffeur and bodyguards for the owner of the daily newspaper, or who pays for the chauffeur and
bodyguards for the former CEO of the MGM Hotels and casinos and puppet of former U.S. Senator Harry Reid?
In fact, we may ask if it is OK for the U.S. taxpayers to keep paying for U.S. Senator Harry Reid’s bodyguards even if they change the name to “Secret Service?”
Before our detractors remind us that the daily newspaper was not owned by the owner of the Sands Convention Hall when they wrote that “Anyone but Oscar” editorial back in March 1999 — which was nowhere to be found on the so very popular internet — we knew that; but the fact remains that the Las Vegas daily newspaper was never fond of the best mayor our city ever had and they always find excuses to attack the man that has made Las Vegas a mainstream and legit city.
We can remember when news people would not even mention the weather in Las Vegas because it was a gambling city.

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