Here’s how to “Make Vegas Great Again”

Wayne Allyn Root is host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root Show” on USA Radio Network.
By Wayne Allyn Root
Guest Columnist

Wayne Allyn Root is host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root Show” on USA Radio Network.

Las Vegas is my favorite place on earth. It’s my adopted hometown now for almost 20 years. I’m honored to have a 180-pound granite star on the Vegas Strip. I see Vegas as the perfect example of American exceptionalism and capitalism.
Vegas is magical. It’s all about reinvention. Frank Sinatra once said of New York, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” The opposite is true of Vegas. If you can’t make it anywhere else, you can come to Vegas and make it here.
That could be why until the coronavirus pandemic, Vegas was among the top three leaders in America for population growth, economic growth and job growth. The whole world was moving to, or vacationing in, Vegas.
But now all that has changed. Vegas is in deep trouble. The entire town is shut down. The Vegas airport is a ghost town. The world-famous Vegas Strip is boarded up — like we’re in a fictional zombie movie.
We’ve been knocked down on the canvas, like one of our famous UFC fighters. The big question is, can we get back up?
America is exceptional because there are always “second acts.” Americans love great comebacks. Vegas is the land of comebacks. People move here specifically for a second (or third or fourth) act in their lives. This town has nine lives.
So, here’s a detailed and creative game plan on how to save Vegas and make us “America’s Great Comeback City.”
First, we need to turn lemons into lemonade. We are the hottest tourist city in America (“hot” as in temperature). By May (only 2+ weeks from now) our temps will be in the 90s and even some 100s. By June (only 6+ weeks away) we will be in the 100s regularly. Americans will be looking for a vacation get-away, after being trapped in their homes for weeks, or months. Vegas is the natural place for them to go.
Vegas needs to spend millions of dollars to advertise nationwide that we are the hottest city in the USA from May through September.
Everyone will understand what that means. No one knows for sure what will happen with coronavirus. But viruses generally die in summer heat and sunshine. A recent guest on my show (a well-respected doctor) reported that UVA light kills viruses on contact. He quoted numerous studies.
We are the city of sunshine and 100-degree heat. People need that reality drummed into their heads. Where else would you go on vacation with this pandemic still at the top of the news? Vegas, baby. It’s desert hot. The sun is out every day. And we just happen to be the most fun and entertaining vacation destination in the world!
Secondly, we need to prove we’re the safest vacation in the world. We must use facial thermometers on every person landing at our airport. And use the same test on every person checking in, at every hotel front desk. If you have a fever, you don’t get into Vegas.
Voila! We become the safest city in America. Call us “Fortress Vegas.” Advertise that. People will come here knowing we are the safest, most secure and hottest vacation destination anywhere.
Third, our sports books must legalize betting on the 2020 presidential election. That will attract more money from May through November than any Super Bowl or March Madness, times ten. Donald Trump is the most controversial name in world history. Legal betting on his re-election will bring everyone on planet earth to Vegas to bet.
Do that, and instantly a billion dollars flies into Vegas from all over the world. And of course, they can only bet in person. While here to bet on or against Trump, they’ll spend money on hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping, golf, spa and casino gambling. Our casinos and sports books will have to hire additional staff to take all the bets.
Whether you love Trump or hate him, his name on the betting ticket will “MAKE VEGAS GREAT AGAIN.”
Fourth, we need to spend millions of dollars on a TV advertising campaign aimed at business owners across the country. Everyone I personally know with high income, assets and businesses is moving to Florida or Texas. Why not Nevada? Because they have no idea Vegas has -0- state income taxes and -0- state business taxes, among the lowest property taxes in the country, and sunshine 300+ days per year. If they knew, they’d come. We have to educate them.
Is every wealthy business owner in America aware that if they move to Vegas, they will save enough money in taxes to pay for a mansion on a gorgeous golf course, with a view of the world-famous Vegas Strip, for FREE? Why aren’t we inviting them to move to Vegas?
Fifth, we need a “VEGAS AID” concert, much like “FARM AID” or “The Concert for New York” (after 9-11), or “the Concert for Hurricane Sandy Relief.” Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. This summer we need every singer, actor and entertainer who has gotten rich on Vegas stages to band together for a mega marathon to raise a cool $1 billion to benefit all the small businesses and Strip employees now out of business, or out of work.  We need America and the world to come
together for Vegas.
Lastly, here’s the big one. We need to elect a smart, conservative, pro-business Governor who isn’t quick to close every small business in Vegas; and doesn’t violate the rights of every church goer in Vegas; and most importantly, doesn’t ban his or her own citizens’ right to live, by making it difficult to obtain a prescription for the only drug that is known to successfully treat coronavirus. In other words, we need a Governor without “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
If we are smart, creative and successfully carry out this plan, Vegas will rise from the ashes, bigger and better than ever.
Wayne Allyn Root is host of the nationally-syndicated “Wayne Allyn Root Show” on USA Radio Network. Listen live in Las Vegas from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 AM. You can reach Wayne at:

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