Obama endorsement could amount to Michelle Obama for Vice President

Joe Biden and Michelle Obama could be the Democrat Ticket

By Perly Viasmensky

Joe Biden and Michelle Obama could be the Democrat Ticket. Forget Kamala Harris

Sometime in early December 2019 Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden said he didn’t need Barack Obama’s endorsement in the Democratic primary.
At the time, Biden reiterated that he asked Obama not to endorse him, and he stuck by the stance even when asked whether he’d want Obama’s backing if the field narrowed to three people.
Biden said at the time, “No, because everyone knows I’m close to him. I don’t need an Obama endorsement and I don’t want his endorsement.”
According to news reports Biden was asked about a Politico Magazine article of a year or so ago that reported how Obama had confided in another candidate that his former vice president “doesn’t have it” when it comes to an intimate connection with voters.
Now, all of a sudden Barack Obama comes out with an endorsement for Joe Biden. Why the change of heart? Because Biden had reiterated several times that he will pick up a woman of color as his running mate and has his eyes on Kamala Harris?
Maybe Obama, considering the fact that Biden has a challenged brain or a memory problem, with difficulty recognizing his own wife and his sister, would convince Biden to pick his wife, Michelle Obama, as his vice president.
In case of Alzheimer’s, Biden wouldn’t be able to finish his term as president and Michelle would become the first African  American U.S. President woman without the hassle of a political campaign.
During the eight years of Obama’s administration, the American people suffered loss of employment, poverty and anxiety on a great scale, while Michelle Obama as First Lady traveled around the world at the expense of taxpayers of the United States.
One thing we need to admit about Barack Obama: he is a very smart man who knows how to work for his own benefit. This sudden endorsement for Joe Biden could have a double intention.
God protect the United States and the American people from a Michelle Obama as vice president and on a path to be president of this great nation.
It is totally unbelievable the amount of hate people are displaying toward our president (something never seen before in this country) at a time when people are dying on a daily basis from a mysterious disease and the little appreciation given to Mr. Trump when he is on TV daily informing us of every scientific detail and encouraging us to have faith in the future.
Biden wants to be president but we have not seen him publicly supporting the people he wants to represent. He said he is open to speaking with President Donald Trump about the coronavirus response.
On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, Biden said: “I’m happy to talk to him, and I’d just tell him what we found is important to do, and that is to move swiftly and we have to move more rapidly.”
Mr. Trump said last Monday that he was still awaiting Biden’s phone call. Biden is not even president and he is already lying to the American people.
If Biden allows Obama to brainwash him to get his way of destruction one more time, we wonder how Michelle Obama as vice president would have handled a global catastrophe like this pandemic.

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