Dictator or not Dictator… To be or not to be

The governor should not be a halfway dictator or a full-time dictator,but needs to accept the consequences of his decisions, either way, at any cost.

A little history: In February 1962, President Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba because of the Castro regime’s ties to the Soviet Union. Pursuant to the President’s directive, the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued the Cuban Import Regulations. On July 9, 1963, OFAC issued a more comprehensive set of prohibitions, the Cuban Assets Control Regulations, which effectively banned travel by prohibiting any transactions with Cuba.

The embargo never worked because it was never enforced in its totality allowing American citizens to travel to the island in many different ways creating a pattern of everyone fooling everyone.
Cubans moved to the United States under the false pretense of political asylum, but six months after being accepted in the United States as a political exile they traveled back to their native nation.
Normally when someone asks for political asylum it’s because their life is in danger in their country of origin and they are not allowed to travel to that country or they lose their political exile status.
Today we are all facing the same problem, the same dilemma with the Coronavirus home seclusion by not obeying the orders given to us by the government. Either we stay home or we are not staying home, but we cannot have it both ways.
The government may enforce its order that can keep all Nevada residents home at any cost, possibly saving many lives, or the government opens all the doors again and we all die one after the other if in reality we are supposed to be locked up at home.
Fulgencio Batista was supposed to be a Dictator, but Fidel Castro, the supposed savior of the island from the hands of a bad man that turned the country into the best country—financially, educationally, socially, politically and any other way—was to be many times worse and even if the American government helped him to take over the island, he turned out to be the number one enemy of this nation.
Batista was a dictator, but Fidel Castro while incarcerated enjoyed his own telephone line, his own cell with television and a private library, proving once again that one either becomes a dictator or does not become a dictator.
The Nevada Government needs to make up its mind: either shut the state down to protect the life of the whole state or allow everyone to go back to work and take the chance that we’ll either live or die.
The governor should not be a halfway dictator or a full-time dictator, but needs to accept the consequences of his decisions, either way, at any cost.
The governor should not shut some areas down and allow his friends and campaign donors to stay open regardless of how dangerous the Coronavirus situation may be.
Essential or not essential, the only people that may be out there on the streets are the first responders, the police, and the firemen; everyone else should be locked up regardless of how much money anyone has donated to his campaign.
Why should a local carpenter not be working, but a carpenter working for the stadium is allowed to keep hammering just because his boss paid for the governor chair in the state of Nevada?
What is so essential about car salesmen that some car dealers are allowed to open their doors but a corner car lot has to stay closed just because the big car dealership donated to the governor’s campaign paying for the governor to sit in that chair.
We have never been too politically correct; we have never been too polite saying what we have to say because we are the people’s newspaper. We speak the language of the people and we can honestly state that we are here for the people.
If having people out on the streets is dangerous, it should apply to all the people, and all the people in general should be locked up at home.
Grocery store workers are working and they are not even allowed to have their own masks because they are not contagious; 7-Eleven stores are open because they are immune and are not contagious.
It is time to make up your mind, Mr. Governor, either you rule us all as equal or you open the Strip, open the city and allow all of us to get back to our regular lives so we can go back to work and earn money to pay for our “essentials.”
Yes, the power and water companies are very generous but the banks are still collecting and the mortgage companies have not been too generous; some car insurance companies are doubling the premiums and no one is stopping them.
You are at the wheel, Mr. Governor; you decide what you want to do.

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