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Adelson helping Las Vegas

By Chuck Muth

Sheldon Adelson

The left and some in the media constantly demonize Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian and Palazzo resorts, for supporting conservatives and the GOP.
But while “Democrat” casino operations such as MGM Grand and Caesars are laying off tens of thousands of workers and forcing them into the unemployment line, Mr. Adelson is keeping all of his employees on the payroll through the end of April.
In addition, it was announced Saturday that Mr. Adelson is also going to cover the payroll costs for some 1,200 employees who work in independent, third-party restaurants and bars in his resorts.
Oh, and that was after he purchased and donated “nearly two million face masks to help hospitals in the US that are facing a shortage of protective gear.”
The least everyone could do is say, “Thank you.” But haters gonna hate. Some jackass tweeting under the fake name StewGotts (how clever) wrote yesterday…
“He’s still a horrible person who has done more harm than good in this world. We should stop applauding bad people for once in a while doing the bear minimum.” “Bear” minimum. Jerk. Drive-By Muthings
—Had it not been for the Wu-Flu, right now I’d be on the Lido Deck of the Carnival Panorama, margarita in hand, preparing to cast off for
Citizen Outreach’s annual Mexican Riviera cruise. Bummer.
But still looking at rescheduling, maybe sometime in November. Will keep everyone posted. Salud!
—The United Nations just gave CHINA — which gave the world the Wu-Flu
— a seat on the Human Rights Council. Good. Lord. Shutter the UN.
—Among the litany of contradictions in Gov. Steve Sisolak’s shutdown orders is the one where he tells everybody to stay home in one breath but then says it’s OK to go outside as long as you follow social distancing and other precautions.
Well, if grocery stores and pharmacies can stay open as long as they’re practicing social distancing and other precautions, why can’t other businesses that follow social distancing and other precautions be open?
Makes no sense. Maybe not EVERYBODY can reopen and go back to work yet, but certainly some can. And should.
—I saw a report a week or two ago that a church somewhere moved its services to a drive-in movie venue so everyone could still participate but observe social distancing protocols by staying in their cars.
So why can’t the Westwind Drive-In Theater in Las Vegas do the same thing and reopen for outdoor “movie nights”? Food and beverage could
be allowed to be brought in and/or delivered curbside from the snack bar.
Imagine how many people would love to go see “Outbreak” or “Pandemic” right about now!
—Among the many reasons to call a Special Session of the Legislature to deal with the Wu-Flu fallout, the LVRJ editorialized today about a new hike in the minimum wage scheduled to kick in this July.
Small businesses are in enough financial trouble already. That minimum wage increase needs to be cancelled.
—Even if the government refuses to lay off government workers and have them apply for unemployment like everyone else, at the very least it’s time to REDUCE salaries for many of them to private-sector levels.
—Gov. Sisolak’s coronavirus task force now includes a number of high-ranking executives from major corporations — which is good. But one thing ain’t like all the others.
He also appointed Nevada’s own #AOC, State Sen. Yvanna Cancella, a partisan liberal mouthpiece.
Wouldn’t appointing Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus — DOCTOR Robin Titus — have been a far better choice to join a task force tackling a virus? You don’t think politics played in the governor’s decision, do you?
—According to a Las Vegas Sun editorial on Saturday, there are “115,000 rooms sitting empty on the Strip” which could be used for self-quarantining for health care providers and first responders.
Indeed. But why can’t they be used to house the homeless, as well? Some reporter should ask Corona-Czar Murren, former “Lord of the Layoffs” at MGM Grand, that question.
Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at His views are his own.

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