The case of Raul Moran keeps raising questions

Raul Moran killed by a four time criminal protected by Las Vegas police
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Who is protecting Victor Cruz
Raul Moran

The more we hear of the Raul Moran murder case, the more questions we have and the more Clark County Officials refuse to give any answers, given the possibility that someone is protecting Victor Cruz and others in the murder of Raul Moran and considering that the case was abruptly dismissed. New information obtained by the Las Vegas Tribune shows that before Victor Cruz’s murder of Raul Moran, Cruz had three other criminal felony cases that were also mysteriously dismissed just as the killing of Raul Moran was.
The police dispatcher responded to a call from the 3355 E. Charleston Boulevard address where an individual was asked to leave and refused to obey, but when the police arrived they found Raul Moran on the ground almost a block away, at 3319 E. Charleston Boulevard, with three bullets to his head indicating that he left the previous location without incident but was later cowardly attacked from the back.
Raul Moran and Victor Cruz were both the same size, five feet seven inches tall, but according to the results of the autopsy, two gunshot wounds were behind the left ear and the other above the left ear, numerous bone fragments were within the scalp muscle and brain matter.
The wound track was determined to be upward, which makes it impossible if both men were the same size in height regardless of the weight difference, if any.
Victor Cruz was arrested on March 15, 2019 and charged with assault with a deadly weapon; but two days after being taken to UMC Trauma Center, on March 17, Raul Moran was pronounced dead yet Cruz’s status was never upgraded to murder.
On that day the Las Vegas Tribune was told that “Victor Cruz was placed on House Arrest and is home with his family resting, eating home meals,” yet the online Clark County Detention Center showed him “In custody” but no one had physically seen him in the local detention center, thereby raising the newspaper’s curiosity.
Since the day of his arrest, Victor Cruz has not been in court; several times the case was placed on the calendar for “later,” but had been postponed without any excuse. Later, at his last court appearance, to the surprise of all, the two deputy district attorneys requested to dismiss the case and the presiding judge, Joseph Scisentos, as a good obedient little lamb, accepted the order given to him by the two prosecutors.
Raul Moran was pronounced dead on March 17 and hospital personnel immediately notified Sgt. Sanford with the Homicide Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who informed lead investigators Detective Long and Detective King.
Here is where the seriousness of this case began because it is obvious that someone is covering for someone and that someone is protecting Victor Cruz.
The investigators with the Las Vegas police department were well aware that Raul Moran was already dead, but the arrest report of Victor Cruz was still showing “assault with a deadly weapon” and was never updated to murder.
When the case appeared on Justice Court Two’s calendar, it showed “assault with a deadly weapon,” clearly showing that police investigators “forgot” to update the charges to murder.
On June 19, 2019, Victor Cruz appeared in court with his attorney, asking permission to remove his ankle monitor and to be allowed to travel out of the state for a family member graduation party; Presiding Judge Joe Scisentos obliged the attorney by agreeing to the entire request.
The family of Raul Moran was all outside the courtroom, but when they learned of what Judge Scisentos had done, Moran’s sister went inside the courtroom asking for justice.
Right away Judge Scisentos ordered his guard dog, Cliff, to get her out of HIS courtroom, but she let everyone know that she was not leaving until someone listened to her.
Judge Scisentos was surprised to hear that there was a dead man in the case, after he ordered Cruz “to stay away from the victim” because no one gave him the respect to inform HIS court that there was a dead man involved in the case.
It seems like between the police investigators, Long and King, and the two prosecutors who kept the judge in the dark — they all just assumed Your Honor was an ignorant man who could be easily fooled.

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