Who runs Family Court, Dept. F? The Judge or her Law Clerk?

Judge Denise Gentile Family Court Judge
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Judge Denise Gentile Family Court Judge
Cammy Ha is the law clerk on Family Court Department F

Las Vegas Tribune has learned that the position of Family Court Department F Law Clerk can be seen as a homophobic position.
For a whole entire year a man has been trying to divorce his partner and the Law Clerk for Judge Denise Gentile has put obstacle after obstacle in his path because according to her, she runs that courtroom and reads everything for the judge and she decides what goes and what doesn’t go, avoiding a case that would allow two people that do not get along to go their separate ways.
It is not unusual for employees behind the scenes to believe they are the elected officials, but this woman has topped the cake by using the judge’s name for her personal feelings and position.
The State Bar of Nevada reprimands attorneys who do not know how to supervise their staff and judges should be held to the same standards.
Family Court judges have been infamous for a very long time for running a dictatorial and corrupt judicial system, but never have the charges been extended to judges who are controlled by their staff, whatever title they might like to carry.
Law Clerks are supposedly there to read the legal matters and interpret the law for the busiest judges but not to take positions on those matters or make rulings for the judges.
The man mentioned above has done his paperwork in proper person and this arrogant and inept law clerk has sent the “package” back without any explanation or indication of what is wrong.
One of the documents filed with the court was held for three weeks and the process service had no explanation for the delay. Finally, a year has passed and the hardworking local man who is now unemployed because all casinos are shut down due to the pandemic is now forced to start over again and pay the original court cost of $299.00 again, making it now $598.00 thanks to a capricious law clerk who may have antagonistic feelings against same sex marriage and even their divorce.
Knowing Judge Denise Gentile from this newspaper’s short interaction with her, we are wondering if she is aware of what her law clerk is doing and how her dictatorial and prejudicial behavior against same sex marriages is causing problems and personal pain.
This is the twenty-first century and openly expressing anti-same sex marriage prejudice is not a good thing to have on the record of an elected official and this law clerk could be damaging Judge Gentile in that way.
Judge Gentile’s law clerk refuses to identify herself by name to the caller, the man who is looking to free himself from a man who was abusive and disrespectful to him.
Las Vegas Tribune has learned that Judge Gentile’s incognito law clerk is Cammy Ha and she needs to represent her elected official boss to the best of her ability but also realize that her behavior can be an obstacle to her boss who is not being challenged in this year’s race, but time flies and six years is just around the corner.
The Las Vegas Tribune was under the impression we had a good relationship with Judge Gentile, but we believe that she needs to step in and take full control of her courtroom; the people of Clark County voted her into office, not her law clerk.

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