Metro Administration ignores rank and file

By Las Vegas Tribune staff
The Las Vegas Tribune has been a furious critic of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s high-ranking administration, but has always been a defender of the rank and file in the department, even if some of those rank and file could be considered bad apples like the abusive B. Foster who went onto private property with a bigmouth named Lopez and two others to intimidate senior citizens.
The Las Vegas Tribune believes that the rank and file of our police department are well-trained and they are a dedicated force that deserves better treatment from the alleged leaders of the department — having police officers in the streets without masks is inexcusable. It has come to the attention of this newspaper that police officers are not allowed to wear protective masks that could keep the officers less at risk for getting infected.
Police Officers already are taking enough risks every time they make traffic stops and they do not know what they are going to confront when they approach an occupied vehicle.
Now, they do not know who or what they are getting when they approach a vehicle or a walking person and it should be up to them if they want to use the protecting mask or not. Those officers on the streets of Las Vegas have families and friends who also need to be protected as well as the rest of the citizens are.
The protection masks are supposed to be a voluntary thing for all average citizens, yet officials are suggesting that all citizens use them; thus far it is not a forcible issue and police officers should be treated equally in that regard.
Citizens have the choice of either staying home or disobeying the rules public officials are putting in place, but police officers do not have that luxury; they have no choice unless they mislead their superiors pretending they are ill, sick or facing a family problem.
Those police officers on the street protecting the community need to be safe and need to protect themselves because if they are not out there looking after the community the citizens are vulnerable in the hands of the criminals that are always taking advantage of any opportunity to scam members of the community.
Sheriff Lombardo needs to come down to reality and give those police officers the opportunity to protect themselves from an unknown enemy. Criminals can be combated with mace, a baton, or a gun, but this virus is like a ghost that no one knows when or how it will attack.

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