Newspapers: Compare value, truth, content, and dedication

We are living in an electronic era and being an online newspaper is not very unusual; most cities have online newspapers nowadays. We, at Las Vegas Tribune, comply with almost everything that we used to comply with when we were a print publication; we pay for our business license regardless of whether we have sales people or not, advertisers or not.
Treating us as a second-class publication and treating our staff as second-class citizens just because we are no longer a print publication is unfair and prejudicial; it shouldn’t be because we are not inferior to the daily print paper.
Every city has online publications that give their community the best of their efforts and government officials treat them with respect. Online newspaper reporters should be allowed to keep their readers updated on what is happening in the community and should be allowed to ask questions as if they were a print newspaper.
Many times the online newspapers are more profitable and efficient than many print newspapers. We are living in an era where everything is electronic, we may not agree with that system, but that is the reality of the era.
People don’t use the telephones anymore; they use email and mostly text, and tomorrow will be something else.
Why is it that the mainstream media dislikes President Trump so much? What is the reason that they are always attacking the President? Because he does not need the media at all; he uses all electronic devices and ignores them completely.
If the president of the United States of America can use electronic devices to communicate with his fellow Americans, why can’t the local governments treat the online media with respect and dignity?
If official entities can answer their telephones electronically and keep their constituents waiting for thirty minutes or longer, why can’t they accept the online newspapers as part of the new era?
We call any government office and when we mention that we are an online newspaper the first thing we heard is “OH!” What do they mean
“OH!”? We ask and they react with an “Oh, nothing,” and some make an effort to change the subject.
We are not a second-class newspaper just because we are online and we expect to be treated with respect like it or not; if we ask a question of any public official we expect an answer; if we ask to speak to a high-ranking elected official we expect that elected official to get out from behind his desk and speak to us as they would to a daily print newspaper.
If that is not the case, let’s see who is more important to the voters during election time, because we can also be a three-times-a-day daily—morning, afternoon, and evening.
The daily print newspaper claims to be the most important and the largest newspaper in the state, but we do not know how. Go to any convenience store in the morning and see how many copies of the “largest” newspaper in the state are there, but when one comes back in the evening most of those newspapers are still in the rack.
The home delivery is almost the same situation; most people are subscribers to the daily newspaper because they look at it as a sign of old times and want to be part of the image; some others get the newspaper because they want to have the sports page and they do not want to pay $2.00 per copy when they can pay $2.00 a week and do not have to walk to the corner store.
That’s an issue between the readers or subscribers and the news vendors; we are referring to the way politicians try to diminish the value of the content of the online newspaper yet think so much more of the three local news articles found on the six pages in the print Nevada section of the daily.
A newspaper is to inform the community and to defend and protect its rights, all rights, but if the advertisers are more important than the community that is where the problem becomes an issue.
We don’t need a newspaper that has to wait until an outside publication comes in to tell us what is wrong in our city and then copy and paste what the outside publication has learned.
We don’t need a newspaper that waits until an outside person comes in to tell us how corrupt our city attorney may or may not be. We don’t need an outside newspaper to tell us how controlling the city attorney is while he’s pretending to be a macho man with all those working for the city playing the dictatorship game in our local government.
We don’t need a newspaper to tell us any of that and we believe that an online newspaper can do the job better as we are less likely to let our ego run our newspaper.

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